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  2. Doing Authentic in Co-op and I’m hosting it all to get the trophy. We’re more than likely gonna do it off and on and I noticed after we completed the first mission on authentic and looked at my missions on the main menu where it shows what difficulty you completed it on it still says “sniper elite (hard)” Does that matter? Or does the game just track if you’ve beaten the levels in co-op separately from your solo campaign? Just curious as I don’t want to play through the game in co-op and mess it up and have to do it again solo. Edit: just realized the difficulty it shows is what your longest shot was made on, my bad Still have to ask, can I do some missions solo and some in co-op and do I have to hit “continue campaign” or can I just do some missions out of order??
  3. I’ll give you that how tf are you gonna pick The Way Of All Flesh over Love for track 12? Love’s breakdown is one of the heaviest things ever created. Only Terra Incognita song on my list cause it isn’t a bad album by any means, I just hate the production on it. If that album was more akin to WoAF production wise it’d be a 10/10 I’m also horribly bias saying it’d be a 10/10 cause Gojira is my favorite band ever.
  4. I haven’t been here in forever and I could probably redo every list I’ve ever made. But I’m gonna do a new one just cause I’ve wanted to come back to this thread (and site even) for months. GOJIRA 1. The Shooting Star | Magma 2. Backbone | From Mars To Sirius 3. From The Sky | From Mars To Sirius 4. Remembrance | The Link 5. Where Dragons Dwell | From Mars To Sirius 6. The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe | From Mars To Sirius 7. Flying Whales | From Mars To Sirius 8. Art Of Dying | The Way Of All Flesh 9. Pain Is A Master | L’enfant Sauvage 10. Born In Winter | L’enfant Sauvage 11. The Fall | L’enfant Sauvage 12. Love | Terra Incognita Best metal band of all time amirite?
  5. Happy belated birthday quopi, enjoy summer

  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. Yeah I quit trophy hunting for good midway through last year. I reached my personal goal of getting 100 plats and then just kinda lost interest, in gaming and in trophy hunting. I still play games, but only for fun and when I have time to. Trophy hunting was really fun for me for the 3 years I did it. But it took a toll on me after a while and I focused way too much on it to the point it ruined gaming for me. I just had to stop. I still platted a game last year, and I probably will occasionally plat a game I enjoy, but I do plan to leave PS4 and upgrade to PC anyway. But even with some games I like, I just can't put myself through the grind to plat them, it just became unrewarding. It's also the repetitiveness of it after a while. Trophy lists tend to have a lot of the same kinds of objectives and doing the same kinds of stuff over and over on different games just got old for me. "Oh wow I have to collect X number of collectibles" that kinda stuff got old for me. That was the issue with trophy hunting for me, earning trophies is fun but sometimes the boring grinds you have to go through on a game just isn't worth the reward. I would purposely avoid games because of trophies or I wouldn't play new ones cause I was playing other stuff for trophies, just isn't a cycle I care to deal with anymore. I'm not critiquing anyone that avidly trophy hunts, I completely understand the appeal to it and there is a reward factor. But for me personally, it just became too much and I had other things I wanted to focus on. Just play games and have fun, I completely understand wanting to stop and tbh when I did stop I started to feel much better about myself. I focused on gaming a lot more than I did anything else for a while. There's no one forcing you to do it, I wish I would've known that a few years ago.
  8. Yeah I've been stuck with a standard PS4 since the release in 2013. I really can't stand all the constant upgrades they make and just put onto a new full priced console just to squeeze more money out of us. I still have a standard 400 GB PS4 and playing new games that come out is a pain. The new consoles like the Pro have TB hard drives and newer games are having huge 80-100 GB install sizes which eats up my 400 GBs in storage, I'm constantly having to delete and reinstall games. But to be fair, I haven't enjoyed a AAA game in a while, and I'm mostly playing indie titles or older games I liked that are on PS4 now. Truthfully I'm just waiting til I have the money to upgrade to a PC, probably will eventually sell my current PS4. I'm not gonna buy a pro, you're better off going out and buying a real physical TB hard drive and plugging it into your PS4. I could care less for 4K graphics. Most the games I play now are just older ones of mine that I love. I'm even considering going back old school and buying a PS2 again and a bunch of old games from my childhood. It'll be nice to back a bit an escape the modern age. I just want fun games, not graphics upgrades and bigger hard drives, just to add another $400 price tag on something.
  9. Really underrated band, like a mix of Tool, Opeth and SOAD [ame] [/ame]
  10. Prison Song - System Of A Down
  11. Doing well. Just been cleaning up some ps3 games then playing a ps4 game from time to time. Life is good.

  12. I'm still around, just been a bit absent on the forums for a while now. Life's been busy, and I've found myself slowly being more and more absent from the site. On top of not having a PC to really use the forums on (other than my phone) I haven't been around due to that too. How're you though free?

  13. Where are you run off to quopi?

  14. I feel about the same, time has flown these past few months for me too. Glad all is well :)

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