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  1. That's right, our main concern was not handling things publicly the way other sites do. We do have a leaderboard discussion set up, but they aren't currently implemented in the way I'd like them to be, so any further moderating or nitpicking has been pushed back, as Slamma said.
  2. Hi kids, with the site update continuing to chug along, the return of awards and an uptick in new events coming, we've seen a pretty significant increase in projects for our GFX team, and a new face or two would be a big help. If you're artistically inclined, familiar with programs like GIMP or Photoshop and have an interest in getting more involved with PST, I'd love to hear from you. You'll primarily be working with the rest of the GFX team to create banners, awards, as well as chiming in on any larger staff projects in the works. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me a message, you don't have to be a regular poster or super active in the forums to be considered for staff.
  3. Well kids, another year almost done, bit of a weird one if you ask me, but we made it. We managed to end the year with some great events from our EDs, we've been pretty consistent with guides over the past year, and with our tracking finally out of beta, the future looks bright, which is more than I can say when I look outside, but we'll save that for another day. As is tradition, our GFX team has made you a card, please enjoy: Happy holidays from everyone here at PST.
  4. We can discuss it in another thread, but if there's a demand for them, absolutely.
  5. For what it's worth, and I'm sure some of the EDs will talk about this in the post-mortem thread, but the reason we gave this THL a silly name instead of calling it 10 was we wanted to use this as an opportunity to get people back into the swing of things with big events, both on the staff side and the member side. Things have been pretty discombobulated for a while, no one's fault, but we wanted to experiment with different things and get the community back in the mindset we used to all have for events. If this particular event ends up being a bit of a mulligan in terms of hardcore competition, that's ok. Personally I'm really happy with the number of sign ups we got, and regardless of how everyone feels about this particular event, we're going to use this momentum, and I imagine the next big event we do will be even better.
  6. No need to apologize, these are the kinds of things we're looking for. We'll take a look and see if there's anything obvious that needs fixing.
  7. I'm able to see exactly what does and doesn't give out points on my end, and we're in the process of tweaking things and finalizing what should count.
  8. The software update went live very recently and figuring out badges hasn't been priority #1. I'll take a look tomorrow.
  9. It looks like your dragon is getting backhanded.
  10. I like this in theory, we'll see what we can do
  11. Thanks, I'll mention it to RX.
  12. Ultimately it comes down to screen space on mobile, which I know I don't have to explain to you. Looking at a thread on mobile, it's unclear to me where we would fit the awards, but I do think a switch to desktop button is standard enough across other sites that that's something we should probably look into. I know some people use mobile as their primary or even sole method of accessing the site, but I think, based on the data the site provides, we get more than enough desktop users to justify making that the ideal method for accessing the site, which means more features. I think it's pretty difficult to provide a perfect, uniform experience across both platforms, but we're certainly open to making changes.
  13. I think it's worth pointing out that the lack of guides is something we've gotten a lot better at. Some members have really stepped up with guide creation, and the staff have had guides up for nearly every big release this year into last year. Unfortunately the initial launch didn't go as intended. Bad timing on the part of the update and the new consoles/the changes that came with them, the manual checklist thing, this newest change on Sony's end, and several new features have been waiting on a forum software update that just recently went live, which RX has been testing in the background this past week. In hindsight we could have done things differently, but we'll get back on track. The staff member that was in charge of moving games out of upcoming was and is largely me, with help from POD. He's been busy of late, and other forum stuff has taken my attention, so for that, apologies. I've asked a staff member to help compile a list of forums that need moving, we're going to try to automate that to a degree in future, and I'll try to stay on top of it more. Expanding the staff is definitely something we'll look at in future, probably sooner than later.
  14. PS4 classic. It got so bad I had to play certain games with headphones just so I could hear dialogue over the fan, and I'm still using a PS3 as a DVD player in the bedroom. I guess I have nothing left to lose, I might as well rip it apart and see if I can make it any better.
  15. It isn't a difficulty issue, it's both streamlining the guide writing/submission/editing process and making use of the guide features on the front page. There's no reason to have two versions of the same guide that need to both be updated and maintained individually anymore. I understand struggling to adjust with a new system after it's been a certain way for so long, but I'm not understanding the problem. As for upcoming games, historically people have enjoyed having the games listed as forums so that they can see a list of games, some of which they may not be aware have been announced. Admittedly they don't get a ton of posts, but I'm failing to see why their existence is a problem on its own. We're talking about fixing net negatives here, if it's going to be listed as a reason why the site is somehow failing to meet expectations, there needs to be a reason why.
  16. I'm not sure I understand what the problem is that you're describing. What does having the guides in one centralized place have to do with the Upcoming Games forum?
  17. I opened it and cleaned the most obvious stuff, I was watching a video and I guess you can open it up further and clean more of it but I couldn't be bothered. I'm sure if you're willing to completely hollow the thing out you could get it running whisper quiet.
  18. My PS4 had to retire, I can't turn the thing on without it sounding like it's going to start smashing atoms together, even if I'm not playing anything.
  19. @hBLOXsThere seems to be a misunderstanding. At no point has my attitude been "if you don't like it, leave". The implication of that is that we're no longer willing or able to update or implement any feedback, which isn't the case. I've personally responded to dozens of posts offering criticism or feedback, publicly or in PMs, from some of our biggest malcontents, and haven't told any of them to leave. A great example is the manual checklists. After a ton of users came out of the woodwork to tell us that manual, printable checklists were the only thing bringing them back to the site, no one told them to leave or to simply be happy with the changes. We worked with those people to come up with a solution. What you, @hBLOXsmay not be aware of but I am is that the user you're defending has made up to half a dozen posts since the site update, under the guise of feedback, saying "this site sucks now, you've ruined the site, PSNP is better," or something to that effect. After one post, message received. Four, five, six times, you're not giving me anything to work with, and if you just need me to know that, again, message received. I have little patience for incivility, and maybe it's a generational thing, but there are people who apparently feel entitled to be rude and insulting as a way of offering feedback, and the staff isn't obligated to take that with a smile. If you or anyone else have been turned off of the site because of what is at worst a passive aggressive response, I'm genuinely sorry, and I'm happy to discuss it publicly or privately. You're welcome to provide any feedback you want, and while things unfortunately take time when one person is doing the actual coding behind the scenes, issues are being addressed and compiled as they come up. Unfortunately addressing that feedback has to be done in a way that prioritizes certain issues over others, but I am also a user of the site and have certainly been in the position of a consumer in the past, and realize that asking for patience does little to satisfy the dissatisfied.
  20. Your most recent "feedback" had to do with forum guides, which has been addressed multiple times. This isn't an airport, you don't need to announce your departure, if the only feedback you're interested in giving is that you're no longer happy with the site, that isn't something we can really use. The site continues to be updated, but if other sites are a better fit for you, all the best.
  21. You don't need to defend your thread's existence, I'm glad the people that use it get some enjoyment out of it. The posts suggesting that it's somehow keeping the site alive are ridiculous, that's all, but whatever you guys need to tell yourselves. The guides and events have kept people coming back for years and continue to, it really doesn't come down to half a dozen people commenting on each other's trophies.
  22. I know what you said, and I'll repeat myself. The same eight people arguing with each other isn't "traffic," and it's contributing nothing to both the larger site activity or the health of the forum in general. The vast majority of forum traffic is from people not posting. That's a completely separate issue from getting people to post more in general, but the conduct in that thread is doing little to encourage new members to join in, for a variety of reasons. All the best.
  23. I mean they don't, but if that's what you need to hear. Don't confuse the same 8 people calling each other names "traffic".
  24. Quick update for everyone, aside from a handful of weird cases, we've completed the game tagging, so your automated tracking should be working as intended in every case now. If you notice any issues going forward, it's probably an issue where a game stack has been incorrectly tagged, so just let us know here and we can quickly fix it. RX is finishing up testing for the next update which might be done this weekend.
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