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  • Birthday 11/12/1988

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    I'm a 24 year old male from Canada. I speak English and basic Japanese.
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    GMT -6:00
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    Obviously gaming but I like watching history or science shows. I also like chatting with people.
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    Slave :p

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    Kingdoms of Amalur:Reckoning
    Hotline Miami
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    Rayman Origins
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    Would like to reach 65 platinums before the end of the year

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  1. I need help with Menz In The Hood. I have the Mac-10 unlocked. Looking for someone with the Betrayal DLC so I can grab the free Double Barrel Shotgun in the Alcatraz map. Will rent a server for a day if I have to. Willing to help with other trophies for a bit. With the friend request, please write whether or not you have the Betrayal DLC. PSN: Shadow_Karak
  2. Wow, that is the lowest I've seen someone go in terms of losing in an online game Almost sounds like one of those old childish threats come true- "You better let me win or I'll call the police on you for being unfair"
  3. PSN: Shadow_Karak Language: English and a bit of Japanese Games: Too many to list. I know I have over 50 games. Bunch of online games like Payday 1&2; Borderlands 1&2; GTA 5; The Last of Us; and BF4. I have a mic, I just don't like to talk much unless it's a game that requires teamwork GMT-6 Please put that you are from PS3T. I get requests from randoms that are usualy douche canoes :/
  4. PSN: Shadow_Karak Mic: Yes, my ps3 headset with mic works with the ps4 as well so I believe that deserves a woot woot. Language: English and a bit of Japanese Timezone: GMT-6 Games: I only have Mercenary Kings; Outlast; and FFXIV right now. I do plan on getting Infamous Second Son and a couple other games. I don't play sports and racing games. You'll never hear me rage or anything like that unless I really need sleep but even then, it'll come off more as an angry rant. Please add that you're from PS3T in your friends request, I get a bunch of randoms that are 95% of the time, douche canoes.
  5. Kind of reminds me of that shooting we had here. Some punk from a gang in Alberta came to Saskatoon and killed a mother due him having the wrong address. I read in the newspaper that she always told her kids to take a peek out the window before answering the door, in case of strangers. Well, she took a peek out of the window when the guy came to the door and he shot her right there. The world is going to a handbasket, a handbasket I tell you!
  6. I read about this the other day is the newspaper. I can think of ways of how he got to stabbing 5 people but I won't go into it out of respect. He could have a mental disorder where one of side effects could be rage or something to that leads to violence.
  7. Don't jinx it, Detonator xD. Customers at work kept on going on about how spring is finally here and how nice the weather is, then day 1 of the start of my holidays, BOOM, it snows. It melted but like I said, it's been snowing these last 2 days. Now the morale of my story is either don't jinx the weather by saying how nice it is or that I should never ever be able to go on holidays again.
  8. We got a lot of snow here in Saskatoon yesterday and even more today :/. I work outside so that's bad news for me....good thing that I'm on holidays until the start of May.
  9. Never! I've been gaming since I was 3. Anyone else ever play E.T. on the Atari? xD. I don't drink; smoke; or do drugs so I need some sort of outlet. I can easily see myself being an old man playing on high tech gaming consoles of the future. Plus, let's face it, when dementia hits or you get memory loss, you'll be making up stories using characters from video games. "The year was 2025. My friend, Mario and I saved a kingdom from a oversized turtle thing that has spikes on his shell...I assume he got in a bad go-cart accident that made him hate the world". Ahh...the future looks bright for us, my fellow gamers.
  10. I got 100%. Thank you to Janetsoul for dlc trophy help. I will not be helping anyone because I'm sick of the game so I'm deleting all my data.
  11. I need a Pure Bladestone for my platinum. I have all the other stones, weapons, rings and such so I have a bunch to exchange it for. Just send me a friend request or message stating that this is for Demon's Souls just so then I remember PSN:Shadow_Karak SL: 255, NA Server
  12. Alot of fans didn't like their new album so it's still up in the air. Maybe you should've used a song from their Alive 2007 concert
  13. I do, at times, and I figure the meaning to my life is to find meaning to my life Quite the twistaroo. I don't go all crazy with the thinking but from time to time, I do stop and ponder a moment about it.
  14. Yeah, I noticed that last night too. Kind of freaked me out for a moment xD
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