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  1. Just finished this on ps4 last night, and I can only agree with the OP, its a great game with frustrating mechanics and ridiculously stupid AI. I forget the amount of times they stepped in front of me while I was shooting an enemy and went down, or ran infront of me just as i threw a grenade, meaning we both went down. But what never got old was the way they'd run up to an enemy, usually a super battle droid, and go toe to toe with them when I'd issued an order for them to hack a terminal. That never failed to amuse me. The timed section the OP mentioned, I think on Genosis, at the end the first section.... Man what a PITA that mission was. If it was mentioned that it was a timed mission, I missed that memo. Had to run through the entire mission again, had two minutes even I breached the door, which somehow became one minute when I got to the terminal - which takes maybe ten - fifteen seconds to get to! Barely made it out tbf, after what must have been 50 attempts of cheap deaths, falling off the platform, missing the timer by nth of a seond due to failing to destroy a cannon with one shot..... Cheap enemies that you can shoot like hell as they run at you, then they one hit kill you; running out of ammo.... I think I took two spider droids out with just a handgun and a few grenades in the final mission! But I did get pretty nifty with the handgun, best weapon I the game All in all though a decent old stool shooter tbf. The difficulty spike between easy and hard was brutal though, but bar the timed event and maybe three or four encounters it wasn't too bad a deal.
  2. I'm not that invested into the series, as the last AC game I played was AC2. So the whole Odesey storyline thing is a mystery to me lol - as, tbf, is the Baslim arc. As much as I enjoyed Valhalla, with 201 hours of playtime in the base game, for me that was enough, so I never intended to get the DLC. But yes, the price of Ragnorak will be off putting in itself for a lot of people, let alone the time-sink. I will probably grab the Ragnorak dlc when I get the ps5, but till then I'm all viking'd out lol. But as I'm nearing a milestone, a ps5 Valhalla plat might be in order and maybe sometime in the future I may revisit it for 100% Just as an additional thought RE Mastery Points: If the game is played without patches, ie by not connecting to the Internet, then mastery points will be set at whatever the original level was (I think it was 160ish level)? I know it's not the answer for those with digital games, or those already far into the story etc, but for new players who just want to play the base game, that might be a workable option now as the Mastery Points are set at 544.
  3. I hit 475 well before the end of the game. But now with the Ragnorak dlc release, people are saying it's up at level 544 before hitting Mastery points Not sure, but even with doing the free dlc, River Raids, Tombs and Mastery challenges and 100% all areas 544 is going to be a close call without dlc.
  4. These mastery challenges suck, clearly by all the comments above. The first three were simple enough, having said that, I had several runs where Tyr's kick kills just didn't register. I even Tyr kicked the Goliath dude out of the map and didn't get any points lol... But could I parry in Odin's cave bear trial? No I could not. Even though I was doing it right.... Parry, don't kill dude, restart.... Continue till I get parrying down, but Eivor would only parry one enemy, then kill every other. Even though I blocked at the right time.... Ah well.
  5. I spent most of the game using Varin's axe and a hammer, but after buying the Moons Cut Scythe from Reda that was the weapon I used most if all. I'm not planning on doing the DLC, as 200 hours is plenty long enough for me, but as I said I did a lot of free roaming, which meant going back to some areas for mission's .... Twiddling my thumbs now wondering what to play next lol
  6. So the game gives us Thors hammer, Thors cloak and Excalubur when we've done just about everything there is to do. OK, so I had Theigns cloak and some dudes hammer and a bad ass scythe for most of the games major battles, which are equally as good, bit just the idea of going into battle with Thors hammer, man that would have made a great game even more awesome....
  7. I opted for 3/10. Some of the cairns were a pain, but in the end I did a lot of them with a stone left over. I chose to free play it before really ploughing into the story missions and a lot of that time I was collecting wealth, completing mysteries and artifacts etc to gain xp. At the end of that I was something like 170 power with 160 xp left to apply - I was holding back because of the overdesign trophy. Eivor was fairly OP before I really got into the story and I only really struggled with that shield drengr in Norway, the three wolf Alpha animals, one of the zealots and one crazy mystery dude who tried to poison me. But by maxing out skills, focusing on damage, health and armour skills all in all the skill tree made the game a breeze. My only gripe would be that you're not able to make the most of Thors armour and Thors hammer as you don't get them till after you've completed everything. But other than that AC Valhalla was awesome
  8. I wasnt looking forward to Orlog either Ashbo, but like you, once I got into it found it to be quite a nice distraction from the game.... I thought it would be just more grinding, but it was fun. I didn't really have any luck trying to build God tokens, so I played Thors strike after every hand. Some orlog players were a pita - one player ranked his arrows up and literally slaughtered me, another boosted their lives after being damaged lol. Im still not 100% certain how the game works, but the things to remember are how dice interact with other dice: Shields trump arrows. Helmets trump axes. Hands steal. Orange bordered hands steal God favours. I usually played the orange edged dice first, but if my opponent didn't have shields or helmets I'd use dice to damage their health stones (arrows and axes respectively) and then apply Thors strike in the resolution phase to damage their health stones some more. I just found chipping away at them through each round was better than building up favours over several rounds. It was my last trophy for plat, and I just rattled through it over a few sessions, and bar losing to two players a few times i breezed through orlog without issue.
  9. I focussed on soursing a full set of Theign's armour until I got Thor gear, most of which was fairly easy to get pretty early on, I think I was level 60ish when I giot them all. After defeating the 3 Daughters to get Thor armour, I ran with Thor gear but with Theign cloak as the last piece is end game stuff. I beat the Daughters at around level 180. Mostly I use armour, elite damage and the 11 life runes on kit, with some fire damage runes on weapons. But more important upgrades can be had from the skill tree... I choose damage skills, the heart icons for health and as many upgrades for bear armour that are scattered around the armour tree - Thor's and Theign's armour are bear aligned. Also by upgrading your settlement you get upgrades to your armour and life stats. There's also a skill in the skill tree that allows Eivor to recoup his life bar after being hit... All that makes a Level 150 Eivor a beast in combat. The only enemy that gave me any trouble was that shield drengr dude in Norway, but I came back to him at rank 250 and beat him. At Level 150, with all the boosts, those wolf legendary alpha's were nothing. Walk into any town or encampment and start slashing - you'll walk away with full health That final daughter qas still tricky at 150, and i'd recommend leaving her till you're at 180 or 200 ish for ease. The axe you get from the start is brutal when upgraded to legendary, I couple it with a legendary boosted hammer and the combo is beast for most enemies. From Reda in Settlement, there's a scythe called Moons Cut, which is bad ass, if a little slow, but chops enemies to pieces when they swarm you.
  10. Am currently playing this, and upon leaving Asgard I hit the mastery point. I had 460 rank with 15 xp to spend and the mastery point popped. I still have a fair way to go, I imagine, so plenty of xp knocking around :)
  11. Most difficult trophy in the campaign. I tried this for about an hour, failed a lot. Then came back to it a few days later, got it fifth attempt. I'd say use the aim down sights for the first tower, then drop the aim and use manual aim for the trucks to save a bit of time. For the last two towers I aimed slightly left of the towers as you look at them and rattled rwo rounds off for each tower. If you don't see them both fall, restart checkpoint. For me trophies popped fairly late through the game, and here I got the trophy as the game auto saved.
  12. You can join at the end of the mission. The host can save just prior to exfil and invite you, once you exfil the mission counts as done with no manual saves for the invited player. This ^ is how the save scam method works. I don't know how or if it effects you as a guest if the host saves during play. But as a guest you do not have the option to save, so (I'd guess) once you finish on A+ as a guest it counts Loadouts: I used 2x silenced sniper rifle bullets and 2x medkit. 1x bandage and 1x trap on most missions. On Magazeno Factory I carried less silenced ammo and medkits (plenty of medkits around) and more traps. Looting generally gives you grenades and some of the missions you can pick up traps so it's realy down to your own taste and bearing in mind what the mission will give you... But also bear in mind than on A+ you will probably be doing the least amount of exploring in any given mission: focusing solely on main objectives. So instead of killing 100 enemies per mission you may only kill 30 - which cuts down how much stuff you're looting and you might not be collecting mines etc from ammo dumps or mined area's if you're not in that part of the map.... I also carried a trenchgun as a 2nd weapon, you can unlock it in the 2nd mission by collecting it from the HQ and killing the sniper with it. Its a 1 shot kill shotgun, and if you're ever cornered or hiding with 3 or 4 enemies searching close to you it can get you out a corner. It's not everyone's cup of tea as a weapon, and you have to take care to try for headshots as if you hit a grenade on an enemy near to you it can kill you too. But it's application is handy.
  13. Bar one or two trophies everything is fairly easy. Once you unlock the more powerful rifles and equipment, as well as the fast travels (after completing the region) you can pretty much stealth through a lot of the missions on deadeye. 3/10 and 20ish hours depending on how many of the challenges you decide to tackle.
  14. Took me 32 minutes, and I fell of the edge a few times so had to run through it three times lol. It's a fun game, just running around shooting stuff lol
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