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  1. PSN: Road2unner Religion: Norse Apollo: 18358 V: 6/65.. will emote once I add to the tracker... for reasons >.> ST: Accepted. 6/65
  2. PSN: Road2unner Religion: Norse Hunt: 18354 Travel: 18355
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  6. Don't worry, Jerry promised to not finish it in a day.
  7. Probably does not help too much, but 10 AM UTC is 6 AM EST, June 23.
  8. Yeah, time zones are ruthless. Begins at 3am for me. Good luck, Americas!
  9. PSN: Road2unner Team: Norse Love: 18317-18323
  10. PSN: Road2unner Team: Norse Tribute: Love 18314-18316
  11. My apologies. I went to answer your question if only multiple controllers can be used and it being 3 am might have jumped the gun a bit with the rest of my comment. Please disregard that, the jury is still out, someone will give you a correct answer soon™.
  12. Edit: Either online or multiple controllers must be involved.
  13. From the rules "Trophies that can be earned solo or in co-op will not count." The main question is if those specific trophies can be earned solo using just single controller. if the answer is "yes" then they definitely cannot be used.
  14. The answer was "Without a doubt"... And what do you know... Hello, @kgg! Welcome to the Norse force!
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