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  1. Suggestion: Autojock should be marked as glitched. I'm having the issue where i have the "quest" of buying Quadra type 66 640 TS in my log, but when i arrive at the location, the car isn't there, quest marker is hanging in the empty air. There is no prompt to buy an invisible car either. Tried forwarding time, sleeping in the apartment, teleporting all the way across the map, deleting the game and installing again from disk, with all the patches, nada. If i try do go back with the saves the car is either still not there or i'm too far back and the quest isn't available yet due to the low cred. At this point i'd have to pretty much replay it all again which is a lot to grind.
  2. I found one randomly and got the trophy, but I kinda get a feeling gathering fireflies beyond the requirements for Twinkle Twinkle could possibly be worth it, aside from the pretty looks? Can't find any confirmations if there's actually any secret or something for them, but I guess I'll try and hoard some just to make sure. Has anyone tried that yet?
  3. I've found this list https://videogamefanon.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_MediEvil_trophies but i'm not sure if it's legit or not. Honestly i barely remember this game so i can't decide if this is going to be a pain to plat..
  4. Yeah, a gem in the very rough. They did not market it as a speedrun game, it was all about "dance like a pretty princess and enjoy the visuals", not "use this hidden shortcut to roll-slide-jump to midlevel because the timer is ticking!". This is one of the two games i Really regret buying (the second is Hohokum). No more before-the-trophies preorders for me after this.
  5. If there's going to be a trophy for the Carnival challenges, I'll pass.
  6. Thank you for your opinion. However it seems a waste not to use free Helix points we get anyway on useful boosts.
  7. It kinda bothers me there are no trophy lists for the remasters yet. I'm still on the edge on whether i should or shouldn't get the SP because cutting the DLC into episodes feels like a cheap move. With plats for the remasters SP would be worth it.
  8. Not sure if it's a standalone, but it is very short, and it's a total "proclaim lots of love to Chloe" fest. Also, no trophies. Unless you are a big Cloe x Max fan, i would say "watch it on youtube".
  9. You need to upload your save to the cloud storage or to PS3 before spending and donwload it from there again after you've bought the Pictures. Simply saving on a free slot Will Not back up your points! (i've made this mistake thinking i'll just load from there, had to grind up another 300k points)
  10. Thank you for the walkthrough! Good job. Had no problems getting all the Tips and missed only one trophy by accident because i mixed up the choices.
  11. Whoah, looks like a great guide, hopefully it will be very useful as i'm just starting this game! Quick question, what does "Love catch" option mean? I have unconfirmed info it shows affection progress, could you clarify since you've played this already, please?
  12. Hallelujah to that news. I was pretty mad once I found out it's a timed event untill Nov17, and I was saving playing ACO for a bit later. Has anyone heard, is the final outfit useful in any way, or if it's pure cosmetics?
  13. Nevermind, case closed: re-installing the game and playing from a fresh save slot helped.
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