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  1. Thanks for the responses, so perhaps this is a "good glitch" or an added bonus for importing your save! I'm betting on the former
  2. Well, here's the online trophy list for the original DriveClub game according to the throphy guide on this site. Clubman Join a Club, or have someone join a Club that you have created. First Of Many Beat your first Face-Off. Contender When the timer expires on a Solo Challenge, be at the top of the leaderboard. And So It Begins! Send a Challenge to another player. Face-Off Complete 50 Face-Offs. Unbeatable Win 5 of your own Solo Challenges after sending them to at least one other player. Lifer Drive at least 1000 miles (1610 km) as a Club Member. Team Work Be a member of a Club that is Club Level 10 or above. And while I don't have DriveClub Bikes installed, nor those DLC's associated to it; after taking a quick glance to the guide I detect these 3 online trophies: Community Service Participate in an Evolution Bike Challenge. I'll Save That For Later Save a Multiplayer Replay at the end of a Race after finishing on the podium with 6 or more competitors (Bikes Only). Any Takers? Send a Solo Bike Challenge to 10 or more players. And a quick read of the DriveClub VR guide tells me this: Here Comes A New Challenger… Win 2 of your own Solo Challenges after sending them to at least one other player. Virtual Sea Legs Play 5 Events in Multiplayer. Seems the only online race you have to come first (or maybe second or even third) is in DC Bikes, since you need to be on the podium for the trophy, according to the guide.
  3. As a DriveClub owner I can confirm the online trophies are associated to sending and winning challenges against friends, creating/joining a club and being online as a club member while driving for an X number of miles. According to the notice you won't be able to do those things anymore...
  4. The big raknoids that spawn during high alert levels also count for the trophy, got notification while shooting one from my archwing.
  5. It's weird that they didn't add Stay Frosty (Fall in coolant on Orb Vallis from 275 meters while on a K-Drive) nor Animal Lover (Complete 10 perfect Conservation captures in Orb Vallis) in this update. Those 2 were announced as coming to PS4 along Airborne Exterminator and Bounty Hunter, I wonder if those are going to be added on a future update or were forgotten all along.
  6. Finally got all the races legit to upload it on video. I did try the glitch but for some reason couldn't get it to work on two of the races. Anyway, I'll show you how I almost fail these 17. Shaving Nef 18. River Run 19. Anyo's Ointment 20. Taxman's Curve 21. Pobber's Drop 22. Breakdown or Bust
  7. Interesting, I did not know about that trick, I will give it a try later because I'm still missing 6 races! Thanks kfree7! Here's the latest video I made, has the following races: 12. Fortuna's Folley 13. Puffin' Pastures 14. Roky's Roll 15. Mumsie Dadsie 16. Meat And Greet Looking to wrap things up in the next one.
  8. Some more races appeared today, so I made a new mostly funny video which includes these. 6. Skeggin' Out 7. Frost Merchant 8. Bomb The Spaceport 9. Lord Of The Board 10. Kubrodon Twist 11. Dog Line 11 out of the 22, halfway there!
  9. Well, today I only found 2 new ones: Skeggin' Out Frost Merchant Also recorded my runs for the LOL's since I accidentally got off my K-Drive on the first one, and bumped into a rock and fell into the icy water on the second one, and still completed both! But I'll upload them until I get more footage from different races Edit: I wonder if the race XP is glitched... As far as I know, I should be getting more than 2k standing from every completed race (I even see those numbers popup on the screen), but I'm only getting standing from doing jumps and flips from my board... Anyone noticed the same thing?
  10. I did some racing last night and there are a couple of things to note: First, I used the maps and only found 5 of the 22 races. After I was done, I visited Fortuna and came back again to Orb Vallis to reload the map, found the exact same 5 races. I will go back to the game tonight after the daily reset to see if these get rotated or something. Second, the races themselves are not as bad as I thought. I suck at racing games and still need to learn how to use the K-Drive but I still finished every one. You can watch me on the video below, it's not intended as a guide, but more a laugh since I fail the jumps, keep bumping into stuff, fall from my K-Drive and even miss lots of checkpoints The races I completed on the video are: Grinding The Void Deathgrip Sky-Eye The Hard Way Catalyst
  11. I found this map from the PC version, credits to Frame_Mastery from the Warframe forums. Orb Vallis Map (High Res) - Caves, Fishing, Toroids, Mining, K-Drive Races Marked However, I found something unexpected, when you go to the bigger version of the map you can se the following legend at the bottom: Probably this means that Races are still being added? Or maybe these become active/inactive on a daily basis... Also, saying PC only would probably mean there's a difference with consoles, like the Tenno Relay locations. I just downloaded the update and haven't had time to play, but I will certainly try to get my skateboard today and search for the races using the map. I'll confirm my findings here.
  12. The Fortuna Expansion is coming to PS4 on December 10, and it seems the devs are adding a few more trophies with it. PS4 FORTUNA UPDATE 24 (Coming Dec 10th!) - PS4 Announcements - Warframe Forums Well, I hope reaching max rank with these new factions isn't a bad grind, I just got it done with the Ostron last month and I'm still missing one rank with The Quills on Cetus, granted I don't play every day... While some of the others may come naturally, for Vallis Spelunker we'll certainly need a map/guide. Also I'd recommend doing the races for Race Ace as soon as possible, because DE announced that these first "beta" races come with no risk because they are still gonna be tested and it's gonna suck if players lose credits because of bugs/glitches. However when the racing system is deemed stable, you're gonna have to bet credits before playing the race, and will risk losing them if you do bad. For the other announced challenges/trophies I took a look on the Steam achievments list for this game: Steam Community Warframe Achievements Like trophies from past updates, these are unlikely to be retroactive, but we could tackle on these challenges to create strategies for these future trophies. What are your thoughts?
  13. Thanks for the quick response! I'll probably add those later to my offerings xD From the Perrin Sequence, I believe the best offering is the Secura Lecta, it's a fast whip and arguably on one of the top 10 spots of the most efficient melee weapons. It also has an innate effect of stealing enemy credits with each kill. The syndicate has augment mods for the following warframes: Banshee, Chroma, Inaros, Ivara, Mag, Nekros, Nidus, Rhino, Trinity, Valkyr, Vauban. The Large Team Energy Restore blueprint can make some gear items to restore energy for everyone on the go, only useful in emergencies if you don't have other players providing energy to the team (IE: Zenurik users, or Harrow/Trinity). From New Loka, Sancti Tigris is a good shotgun. It's stats are lower than the Tigris Prime, but it makes up with it's innate effects of releasing radial corrosive attacks while healing you. It's like you become an Ancient Healer. They have augment mods for: Equinox, Gara, Hydroid, Mag, Nyx, Oberon, Octavia, Titania, Trinity, Valkyr, Zephir and Wukong. Finally, the Large Team Health Restore Blueprint for making healing kits for the entire team on the go, pretty useful on nightmare missions or high level Sorties. I'm adding you so we can trade if you're interested in anything!
  14. List updated (11/23/2018) PSN ID: hypersk_us Looking for: Syndicate weapons/Parts/Mods Arbiters of Hexis: Gilded Truth, Hall of Malevolence Cephalon Suda: Hall of Malevolence Steel Meridian: Kaszas Handle, Vaykor Hek, Vaykor Marelok, Vaykor Sydon Prime parts Warframe: Ember Prime Blueprint, Nekros Prime Blueprint, Saryn Prime Chassis Blueprint Weapon: Akstilleto Prime Receiver Sentinel: Wyrm Prime Carapace Rare mods Condition Overload Heavy Caliber Offering: Syndicate weapons/parts/mods New Loka: All The Perrin Sequence: All Red Veil: All Complete Prime Sets Primary: Braton Prime, Paris Prime Secondary: Lex Prime Melee: Fang Prime, Orthos Prime Individual Prime parts/relics: I have lots of stuff including some vaulted items, just ask and I'll check my inventory. Focus lenses: Madurai: 3 lenses Naramon: 2 Greater lenses, 2 lenses Uinaru: 1 Greater lens, 1 lens Vazarin: 2 lenses Zenurik: 1 Greater lens, 1 lens Rifle Riven mods, beat these challenges to unlock their power! Get 10 kills in a row while wall dashing or wall clinging without touching the floors or raising any alarms. Sustain a 3x melee combo multiplier for 30 seconds alone. Sustain a 3x melee combo for 30 seconds with an active sentinel present. By the way, do you know if it's possible to trade unveiled riven mods? I unlocked 3 so far, but 2 of them don't fit my weapons. Again, happy trading!
  15. I'm not familiar with this game but if the latest patch induced the glitch, can this be tested with the proxy download of the game v1.00 like Rnumbers and me did with Rack N Ruin?
  16. Thankyou Rnumbers, I can confirm the unpatching method worked for Rack N Ruin! Since I knew about the glitch I didn't even start the game until now, so here's what I did. I setup the proxy, took awhile because I had to set the IP and port manually, but when my PS4 finally connected to it, I managed to download the v1.0 of the game! To avoid any issues, I disabled the proxy and then played the game offline (PS4 disconnected from network access). So, I started a new game, advanced toggling between 3 save slots because of the glitches until I unlocked the Wisp Dust and eventually got Dependency to pop! After I got the trophy, I decided to exit the game, setup the PS4 for Internet access to sync the trophy and download the 1.02 patch of the game. After installing the patch and loading the game again I confirm I can still use my saves from 1.00 and continue playing where I left off. Since the devs aren't patching this game anymore, I think it would be a good idea to add this information to the trophy guide. Specially because the guide doesn't even mention this trophy being glitched.
  17. I'm one of those 4 people! In fact I was the one to report the original glitch to this topic and also tracked down a person who got the trophy awhile ago. I'm going to try this now!
  18. Thanks for the headsup! I was actually considering importing an EU copy of the game, seems it would have only been a waste of money.
  19. I played Ecolibrium for a bit today, trying to recall the mechanics, and also went to see the guide and I agree with it: Competitive spirit Finish among the top 100 in an online challenge. This one is already unachivable since it depended on the developers activating the online challenge every three months, but they haven't posted anything since 2015. Collector Obtain 20 different tokens. This one would become unachievable if they also remove the micro transactions from the game. The guide doesn't mention it but currently there are 3 ways to get tokens. 1.-Use your in-game points to buy creatures/artifacts from the auction. 2.-While playing on any ecosystem, you can remove a creature from your game and sell it in the auction house. If no other players buy it in a period of a few days, the creature is returned to your inventory in token form. This is a good way to farm creatures for harder tasks like the online challenge since you don't have to spend any points. 3.-Go to the PlayStation Store and buy any of the token packs, these are random combinations of creatures/artifacts and will be added to your inventory as you load the game. I actually got the trophy this way. Worth mentioning, there were other 2 methods which no longer apply: 4.-If you were one of the top players on the Online Challege leaderboard, you would get a prize which consisted of points and creature/artifact tokens. The Competitive Spirit trophy used to pop at this screen. 5.-When the Near app worked, while playing you could get notifications of creatures and plants that were near your physical location and you could go hunt them Pokémon Go style. If successful, these were added as tokens to your inventory. Yeah, Ecolibrium did it first! Interestingly, as far as I know this was the only way to get plant tokens in the game. Engineer Add 10 artifacts. This one would become unachievable if they also remove the micro transactions from the game. While you can buy plants and creatures from the lab using your in-game points, the same cannot be said about artifacts, for those you need tokens. Refer to my notes on Collector for detail... Shopkeeper Exchange 20 creatures or artifacts in the auction. This was already mentioned, but the auction house is an online component where you can sell your creatures/artifacts to the community at a set price of in-game points or higher, depending on the bids made by other players. When you are playing the game offline, this function cannot be used. I think that's it. Do you think this information could be added to the guide? Also some other trophies could become harder or take longer to achieve because players won't be able to use the Auction to farm tokens. Do we know if the microtransactions are going away too?
  20. Shopkeeper will become unachievable because the auction market is part of the online functionality. Engineer could potentially become unachievable if the PS Store microtransactions and the auction market dissappear but I don't clearly recall if there's another way of getting arctifacts, I'll load the game quickly tomorrow and confirm this.
  21. I did some testing, and fortunately the "flag" for having read the Hot Lap tutorial is saved locally, so if you're like me and opened that tutorial back when the Hot Lap worked, but forgot about the offline tutorials, the trophy is still achievable, I just got it by reading/viewing the other tutorials. However, if you're a new player or somehow missed the Hot Lap tutorial, this trophy is now unachievable...
  22. 1.-Yes, all the DLC is already included in the disc, you could say it's the "Complete Edition" 2.-No but some trophies need more work. Allow me to explain. The trophy list is the same as the digital game, it has some base game trophies (which are needed for the Platinum) and some DLC trophies. For the base game there is a trophy for completing all the challenges. If you are playing the digital copy with no DLC, you only need to beat all base game challenges for it to pop, however, in this version you need to beat all the base game challenges, plus the Afterbirth AND Afterbirth+ challenges. Not sure if there are any other base trophies that need the extra work.
  23. That's so weird, I have played offline (with no ethernet cable) and only the online stuff has been disabled, you can go to career and do single player and split screen races. Even if you go to the ModSpot, some AI racers are circling around, emulating a bit the online lobby feel. It should still work, unless for some unknown reason the devs upload a patch or do something that makes the game unplayable offline...
  24. So I started playing the digital version of The Binding of Isaac Rebirth on PS4 when it was rewarded as a PS+ game, however I only got a handful of the trophies and unlocked a few characters and then kinda forgot about it because most trophies were glitched anyway. After a few years, I finally got the physical edition of Afterbirth+, and since I didn't want to start from scratch I choose to import my old save from the digital Rebirth version. It was accepted by the physical game and I was surprised when I saw "The Chest" and "The Polaroid" pop automatically, I don't even remember if I fulfilled the requirements since everything was so glitchy but perhaps it was a retroactive pop. I wonder if anyone else experienced this? And do you think it could affect other trophies that didn't pop back in the day? Or would you recommend me to start a new clean save? Thanks in advance.
  25. Hustle Kings base game Hustle King! Luck is an Art Online King Online Hustler Snooker Pack DLC Beat the Fish Snooker King This applies to both the PS3 and PS Vita lists. The PS4 version has a quite different list and probably remains unaffected since it's newer and wasn't mentioned in the shutdown notice.
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