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  1. Oh nice! Definitely good to know it shouldn't take too long to reach the point to get all the online stuff done just in case. I will see what I can do with the online, especially with how my work schedule has been, but I think I might have enough free time during the weekdays to get those three trophies done! Yes! I would definitely want to play adhoc at some point! It will probably be tricky due to work schedule and wife needing surgery immediately after the new year starts, but I'm sure we can find time at some point! (: Awesome!!! I will keep that in mind if I can find it; the physical copy prices have gone through the roof and I don't think my buddy has that one 😧 In other news, I finally got my platinum trophy for Rayman Legends on Vita...again lol I've had a love/hate relationship with the Vita version in particular due to having to replay the entire thing from start (grind included) when I first got it (save data got corrupted the day I should have earned the Awesomeness trophy) and then this time, it took nearly two years thanks to the Diamond cup trophy! Nice to not have to worry about it anymore. I really, really wish they would come out with another Rayman game since this must be the 5th or 6th time I have completed Rayman Legends XD
  2. Yes! We should definitely do a thing with Freedom Wars! My Vita collector coworker told me today that apparently the online may not be possible in adhoc, so it may be best to at least get those trophies out of the way just in case. How much do you need to play for the Freedom Wars online stuff?
  3. I want to play Freedom Wars but no idea if I'd be able to get stuff done with how my work schedule has been combined with other life things. 😕 Also doesn't help Soul Sacrifice goes down at the same time and I've had that one in my backlog too! I might be able to start one of them before they go down but highly doubt I can get both done. I think both games can still be done by ad-hoc though, so I might try to do them later with a co-worker who is also a Vita fan and has a giant collection lol. Also, speaking of Vita trophies, for any of you who haven't started or completed Rayman Legends on Vita, there is an extremely rare challenge glitch that is happening right now that allows you to get the diamond cup needed for the trophy very easily. It's normally nearly impossible to get due to the lack of players (only enough people for whoever gets first in a challenge to get one, if that), so now would be an excellent time to get that!
  4. The Weekly Challenge for the Murphy distance is glitched right now and it is not possible to go further than 415.98m on this challenge. This is an excellent opportunity to get the "Champion" trophy for winning a Diamond cup at the end of a challenge since it is quite rare for a challenge to glitch like this (doesn't look like there has been a glitch for over two years) and the lack of players make it nearly impossible to normally get a diamond cup. If you haven't started the game yet, it only takes a few hours of playing in order to unlock the weekly challenge, and you do not need to be very good in order to get the required distance. If it helps anyone who is struggling to get the exact number for the challenge, I did it with Globox (the default character for Murphy levels), did not cut the rope near the end, and then touched the enemy and all of the lums. Hope this helps someone get their completion or trophy! The challenge just went up today so there is still a week to have a chance to get it!
  5. It really is! Glad the sequel is still getting worked on by someone since I would love to continue the story in the game. I had fun just exploring random stuff in TWAU lol Ah Tales from the Borderlands was a great one too! That is definitely up there on my favourite TellTale games list even though it's the only Borderlands game I ever played XD
  6. #25 - The Wolf Among Us This is my favourite TellTale game, so it's nice to play through again and get the platinum trophy! I always love mystery stories, and this one was still fun to replay! I should really get around to reading Fables at some point since I enjoyed the characters in the game and my wife has a lot of the comics!
  7. #24 - Just Ignore Them This was a fun little horror point-and-click game! Getting the bad end was annoying and took me a long time to get, but overall I enjoyed the game! Apparently the developers have made some other horror point-and-clicks for Vita, so I will have to check those out too!
  8. Finally got to go back to finishing off Yu-No. The True route was an interesting one and felt like I was playing a completely different game! Also just played Just Ignore Them on my Vita. Fun little point-and-click game that was fitting with Halloween coming up soon!
  9. Took me about 3 hours with half of that time being spent figuring out how to get the bad ending. Would definitely be quicker with a guide!
  10. I voted 3/10 solely because I had a lot of issues with getting the bad end and had to play through multiple times after my first run trying to figure out how to get it. I kept reloading different saves I made but was only getting the good ending no matter what I seemed to do until I restarted from scratch and made some different choices. If you have a good guide, I am sure the completion would be easier and quicker!
  11. Voted 0-5 hours since the game only takes a couple hours to complete!
  12. Voted 2/10 since it's a pretty easy game!
  13. 16. Life Explosion / July-September 2021 Gaming Summary Hello everyone! My life exploded in the last few months, so I am writing much later than I would have liked, but at least it’s sooner than the last time! I thought the year was chaotic and hectic before, but things got much, much worse in the middle of July when we were suddenly told we were not allowed to move into our townhouse until an unknown time thanks to a missing person showing up at the reading of the will for the former owner (the house was part of an estate sale). We aren’t 100% sure what exactly happened, but it sounds like there was some crazy dramatic entrance that would have been something out of a movie at this will reading! Fortunately, we are now moved into our new place and the delay turned out to be a few weeks, but being in limbo only added to all the stress going on and things definitely did not go well with the move. The movers damaged a ton of shit; ALL our bookcases except two were completely unusable either due to damage or somehow missing pieces, and they destroyed a few comics from my wife’s collection! Thankfully it turned out most of them were dollar bin fodder, but it’s still upsetting to see them carelessly wreck so much of our stuff. I’m really surprised our ancient books stayed in one piece considering they took boxes clearly labeled as fragile and were just rolling them on the ground. On top of all of that, our cat escaped during the move and was completely missing for three weeks. It was difficult to set up the new house with part of the family gone, but at least a neighbour from the old place recognized her from the signs we put up and we were able to find her! On top of all of the moving chaos, everything else felt like it was falling apart too. Both my wife and I will be needing surgeries in the next few months, which has been causing a lot of anxiety for me. My work got really hectic with a lot of people leaving for various reasons (a lot of things come down to horrible timing) and since the entire management team left, I had pretty much been trying to run my entire store on my own for about a month until someone was able to come help. I also started a second job right before shit hit the fan since we thought the extra income would help with the new house, so I have spent a lot of time beyond stressed out and feeling super burnt out. I have now left the second job as I really don’t need two jobs anymore, plus there was some shady stuff going on at the second job that made me uncomfortable. Today is actually my first real day off in nearly two months, so it feels nice to be able to relax! Due to everything going on, I have barely been able to play anything (so much for all of the things I wanted to accomplish before the move), but that should change this month with having some time off and THL happing in October! With the time I did have before everything got nuts, I was able to start a visual novel I have wanted to read for several years with Yu-No and love what I read so far. I also got to spent a ton of time in New Pokemon Snap, which is easily my favourite game from 2021 so far as well as the perfect thing to play to calm down from the stress. I am looking forward to finishing up my VN and getting back to earning some trophies! Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing: New Horizons – I’ve mostly just been trying to maintain my island. I did get to recruit Audie to my island since she showed up in the campsite, and she is now one of my favourite villagers! Audie has been a great addition to my island, and she even sent me baby bear! Clearly she knows what I would like! Fitness Boxing 2 – I finally got three stars on every high intensity exercises and have been working on friendship levels with all of the trainers. In the past few months I have become best friends with Hiro, Lin, and Sophie! I was excited to return to Lin after spending so much time with her in the first Fitness Boxing game, but I was in for a surprise, and not a good one either. For some reason they gave her two different voice actors and they don’t sound alike at all, so it feels like you have two different people yelling at you while you are trying to box. No idea why they did that to her since she was awesome to train with and should have been left alone. I have also been doing boxing every single day for over a year, so I hope to keep that up! New Pokemon Snap – Most of the my gaming time in the past few months has been going into Pokemon Snap! I got all of the requests done in July and completed the Photodex as well, and then right after I finished that, the game got a nice free update that added a whole bunch of new things for me to do! This update added a few entirely new areas, which means there was more places to explore and some new Pokemon to get into my Photodex like Snorlax! I finished maxing out the research level on all of the new levels, filled out the maps for the new places, and completed the Photodex again as well as fulfilled all the new requests! I still wan to keep playing the game, so my current goal is to improve all photos in the Photodex to have a diamond star rating on every single photo! This has been quite difficult for some of the Pokemon and there have been a few times where it took me a couple hours to finally get that quality photo I was looking for; Tangrowth and Rattata had some poses that were a complete pain in the ass in particular. I still have a few more areas I need to go through in order to get all photos up to Diamond, but I think that is something I can do within the next month. Pokemon Sword – I have participated in more of the wild area events that had shiny Pokemon and caught quite a few! In the past few months I caught a Shiny Gigantamax Copperajah (now I have two shiny ones, a standard and the Gigantamax!), Omanyte (caught two of these so I can evolve one into shiny Omastar, Vanilluxe, Chandelure, Cinccino, Solrock (found three of these while trying to hunt for a Lunatone), and Lunatone. The Lunatone was the weirdest shiny hunt I’ve had in a while since the event had both Solrock and Lunatone as shiny Pokemon, but I just kept finding so many Solrocks to fight and barely any Lunatone were showing up for some reason. It was very strange, but the important thing was I eventually found my shiny! Pokken Tournament DX – I STILL haven’t moved on with the story mode in this game, but I did max out every single Pokemon to level 100. I wonder how story mode will go at this point whenever I actually get around to playing it again. Rayman Legends – Still doing those daily challenges! Super Mario Party - I did more river rafting with my wife and completed all of them on hard together! I also did all of the Master challenges on Challenge Road! Some of those were tricky, but I got them in the end. Also fuck Waluigi as a co-op partner for that yarn challenge. Tetris 99 – I won a few more games in the past few months, but I haven’t had nearly as much time to play Tetris, so I haven’t been practicing much. Most of the time I’ve played in the past few months were for the Tetris events like the ones for Mario Golf, Skyward Sword, and WarioWare. Hopefully I will have a chance to play more and go for unlocking all of the icons at some point, but I am not too worried about that for right now. Yuno: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of This World – I have wanted to read this VN for over a decade now since it has had a huge impact on VNs in general (so many have taken inspiration from this game), and thanks to it finally getting an official release outside of Japan with the remake, now I can! The VN Book Club I joined chose this as the VN for July, so it was a great time to start it! The very start of the game felt like an absolute slow drag, but once the prologue started to kick off and things started to get mysterious, I got sucked in right away. During the month of July, I was able to finish all of the character routes. I started off with the Mitsuki route and thought that was a great introduction to the whole mystery and an enjoyable read! The Ayumi route felt fairly boring in comparison to the Mitsuki route, but the Mio route was awesome and probably my favourite one! The Kanna route was quite interesting, but I wish Kaori had more of a proper route since it felt like a tacked-on afterthought and a vast majority of it was identical to the Kanna route. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to read anything else since July, which makes me extremely sad since I have not had any chance to start the true route yet. My goal is to get that done during the next month since having a VN unfinished for that long makes me very upset. Switch Downloads Pokemon Café Mix – I still play a little bit of this, although sadly they haven’t added many new levels or anything at all to the game in quite a while. They just announced details of the overhaul and when that will be happening, so I am excited to get some new content to this game! Pokemon Unite – I started playing this when it released since it was a free Pokemon game, and I have been enjoying this way more than I thought I would, especially considering I tend to dislike any sort of online only competitive game. I have been using Pikachu as my main character! Nintendo 3DS Poochy and Yoshi’s Woolly World – Progress on this game is still moving at a glacial pace. I am still on the last world and did not get to beat the game before I moved, or even play since the move happened. I am still hoping to get this done in the next month if I can! 3DS Downloads Pokemon Picross – I have slowly been unlocking new areas and puzzles! Unfortunately, I can’t progress too quickly thanks to the microtransaction elements and only being able to earn more Picrites through daily challenges, but I am doing my best! Nintendo DS Picross DS – I am close to completing all of the puzzles in Free Mode and should easily be able to finish the game next month. I also managed to get S rank overall on the daily challenges since I was fast and accurate enough to get A rank on everything. My Picross skills are improving and I still can’t get enough Picross in my life. Vita Downloads Active Neurons – I actually played this as part of the Birthday Bash event at the very end of June, but I completely forgot about it until now. This was a short and simple puzzle game and I enjoyed playing it! Cel Damage – I started playing this game in July but haven’t earned all of the trophies yet, just simply due to lack of time. It’s an enjoyable little racing game and I am certainly going to finish earning my trophies in this soon! Foxyland 2 – This was a fun game to play after playing the original Foxyland! There was a lot more added to this game with the whole map and the hidden levels. I fully completed the game with finding all hidden levels and collectibles! It was quite strange that the platinum trophy unlocked only about halfway through the game, but I still kept playing anyway! Other Things to Note I started playing a few games on the NES Classic before the move and started a playthrough of Kirby’s Adventure! Sadly, I did not get to finish it before the move, but I want to go back to it when I get a chance. I may even do some sort of Kirby marathon before the new Kirby game comes out, but I am undecided on that right now; there is still so much going on! That is all for now! It will be interesting to see what the next month or so will bring considering how bust the last few has been. Hoping to have lots of fun with THL and smash some of the other goals I had for the year if I can! Until next time!
  14. Team Name: Sorry We Overslept Captain: Kai PST (Adorabears) Members: Dino_Roar (12 hidden trophies, 1 game) Savenger sum1_worsethan_u (4 hidden trophies, 2 games)
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