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  1. your threats don't mean anything against someone who has nothing else to lose

  2. Go ahead lol why would I want to be apart of a website where the admin's damage control is to belittle members? Not only do you look like a white George Zimmerman but you act like one to with the biased mentality of "oh if a lot of members told me you had an attitude then it must be true."

  3. Not sure why I would need to reread what I wrote. Keep it up and you can take a break from the site.

  4. http://i.imgur.com/9zOXacM.png

    great job falsifying information mendel It's great that they picked someone like you to be staff because everyone knows you were perfect for the job :D

  5. he wanted to start joking around and I started roasting him back, It's not my fault he's saltier then the dead sea I mean really though btw thanks for removing my award mendel <3 http://i.imgur.com/SHm90ZE.jpg
  6. With your hipster ass haircut trying to rock the "Hey guys I'm 30 but I'm trying to stay in-touch with the kids of today." look
  7. You know what fine but in the end of the day you're still the one that looks like a wannabe g-eazy http://www.dustinmendel.com/images/dustin_2.jpg http://s3.amazonaws.com/hiphopdx-production/2015/12/G-Eazy-Hosts-Album-Release-Party-at-Drais-Nightclub-Las-Vegas-on-12.6.15_credit-Thomas-Tran_1.jpg
  8. Aw, don't say that! :bearhug: You just gotta keep posting! :D

  9. Thanks but it's not like I got elevated from that I'm still a nobody on this site

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