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  1. Ok update: Got the pivots, missing delivery AND platinum last evening It wasnt glitchy after all, its just the makers are sneaky ass mofos I reckon lol. I was on 32% for delivery and found my last two (one in the frontier and one in south boston that were not iconed on the map even after the credit finished rolling). Completionist wasnt that hard really, just a grind. So yeah, as above just keep at it, watch you tube for locations, you'll get there. Cheers.
  2. Sorry for the bump, but this games driving me nutso! 98% Complete, just need to do the pivots done all the delivery requests yet only showing at 32% in the tracker wtf!? Man what a let down. Is this a glitch?
  3. Cheers bro. If I may ask another question seeing youve capped this bish - How do I get more special iron ore ingot's!?? Ive done all the mining missions and crafted a couple of extra weps but there so many more Id like to do but no more ingots, seems weird
  4. yeah, f'ing game! I just hope the pivots can still be found, would srsly f**k me right off if the servers dont play them now!
  5. Im up to sequence 10, but one of my convoys, the first one at the top of the list says its attacked and has a red cross on it, and is stuck like that., Ive never used it and never sent it. I can only use two now, is this a glitch or can I unblock it to use it somehow?? This games fkn crazy
  6. Lol cant believe I got this f**king trophy finally last night. I beat Achilles without any bot help, the bowls was easy (and actually fun!).. the hardest one I found was that 9 Man Morris! But nailed it, so glad
  7. So what are these pivot things!? and reading that link a lot of people talk of logging into the ubi servers and uplay trouble concerning it. I dont have any probs logging into their servers. edit// > ok if that what it is, fingers crossed it should work cause Ive had my uplay account for years, same login etc >_<
  8. True that. Just got my final MP trophy.. finally. The one where you need to unlock a hacked video. Easy to do the 20 air kills on sole private mp wolfpack.
  9. you dont get the rank up fast enough though. Invites good but a lot of my mates have sold the game out of frustrastion. Can understand why.
  10. I agree mate! Im replaying it now with my current psn. Holy shit Ive forgotten what a grind this is. This 100% sync thing with "must complete in one sequenced play through" is total bullocks! After finishing Black Flag and Rouge you can really see how theyve lifted out all the bullshit from ACIII.
  11. theres no option for 'Years' ! Dang, Im replaying under my current psn, forgot how much of a freakin' grind this #3 really is
  12. Srsly I want to strangle some people! Why the hell dont MOST players understand its not a kill fest in wolfpack its a team effect and waiting till the square fills THEN killing is best. I hate trying to have a decent game and some little knob gobblers join and start running all over the place killing in 5 seconds. GArrrr
  13. Finished it all, Rouge was one of the best AC games imo, Ezio always #1. Didnt fancy too much killing Liam though but it was weird he was in the offices afterwards O_o
  14. Ok I have all the Templar tablets etc, gone to the location.. still I cant get these, no 'cross' on my map! Anyone know why please?
  15. ^ yeah nailed that, cheers. Finished the game, epic story, loved it (need 4 more trophies for the platinum though, so good it keeps going). Dunno why some are moaning bout the credits..!? O_o Go grab a beer or coffee or whatever, remember guys, this is the LAST of AC series on the original platform it came out on! Maybe its a bit of a send off thing, no more AC stories will be made for the PS3/Xbox. Will be all next gen stuff. Liking this game still. I need to get the sword and that English pistol now
  16. Ok just finished the story (not the game yeh) it was really good! I really enjoyed this though felt really bad when I killed Liam Dunno why so many bitching over this being too short? I like the trophies and I still got 4 more to do b4 the platinum... the cheat ones we have to do. Wanna get the English pistol and Altaïr's sword pack. (where are these darn english flinklocks though!??? )
  17. ROFL @ them then, cause thats just what Connor was meant to be, hes native amercian, tbh I have some close friends who are Lakota (Sioux) Indians and many are like that, quite somber acting, its just their way
  18. Connor was awesome, who didnt like him?
  19. so going to a bar and buying the info still counts to the score right?
  20. Pretty much every game is only a one time play imo, except that might Red Dead Redemption of course (and the FPS online shooters)
  21. Arh that will be it, havent done that yet lol. But another point, how many darn sea convoys do we need, Ive done the land ones, but the sea ones seem endless
  22. Yes in Rogue I do too. But remember.. we are playing that theme, if Shay was a typical Templar prick Im sure sales would slump
  23. Tbh honest bro and as a huge AC fan, I got bit at AC2. Id love to have PSN add trophies to AC1. You know we would all play it heehee
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