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  1. Liverpool becoming a title chasing teams? I've only made 3 signings, hopefully I'm not falling behind.
  2. Got time for a Chelsea sig? Your choice however you make it boss

  3. I'm going on holiday in a few days for 3 weeks. I don't think I'll have the time before I go, to be honest.

  4. Can't bother reading the 30 pages I missed today, so just wanted to say that I beat Inter 5-1. My assistant manager did the tactics, Ba started and scored 4 That's 8 in 2 for him including preseason. My assistant manager is better than me
  5. Boom. Suicide is never the answer.
  6. Yeah, and my substitutions were awful :facepalm:


    It's been entertaining.

  7. Aye son Luiz with a brace, all those fancy dans and big bad Lewandowski and it was DL who bossed the game. I'll hopefully get my act together for the Toffees next. Im nowhere now, but on everywhere. This league thing has taken me tho and Im enjoying the crack so spending a bit of time in that thread for the time being.

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