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  1. Just platinued this game on PS3 - there are no tricky trophies or moments in the game. Everything is pretty easy. The only challenge is finding all the feathers and glyphs but this can be of course done with the maps found online. 2-3/10.
  2. Game alone is very easy and enjoyable, you can solve all of the puzzles by yourself. Collectibles are easiest to get using a viode guide though but it's understandable. 2.
  3. I did a normal playthrough first (taking my time and solving puzzles by myself) and then a quick run for hats and no hints. Took about 6h i think.
  4. Thanks for the guide. I suggest doing 1. normal playthrough (don't touch the boxes) + getting The Architect, Playing Tag and Sharp Splatter then 2. quick run to get the Hats. After one of those playthroughs you should get 'No Hints' and when you do it, finish the game with 'White Frog massacre'.
  5. I confirm this works and is very helpful as you can turn the tv off/do something else. The best track for this is some rectangular one with jumps just before the turns - just search for online maps named 'HoldR2' in time attack.
  6. Following a video guide it's a very long and boring 1. The hardest part is clicking X 3000 times to speed up the dialogues.
  7. Thanks for the vid, followed it and had no problems with the platinum. Cheers!
  8. Yeah challenge 31 sucked big time and required a ton of retries. I'd divide it into 5 sections: First one (two robots): here you need to time everything perfectly like in the videos, but this part is manageable and with some training you should be able to clear this almost each time. Second (rolling stones and spikes leading to bats): very easy, just take your time and you should not die at all here. Third & Four (third robot and bats): the hardest parts of the level. I suggest doing the robot first as i found it easier, and then if you clear the bats you basically won. The robot you can try doing in multiple ways - the easiest for me was: clear the spikes, go left to wait until missiles stop; rush to the chest (don't jump on the chest's platform) and drop down immediately. Go left to wait until missiles stop. Rush again and jump above the first rocket to get to the coins. More or less like in this vid: When you have cleared the robot it's time to do the bats and it's easily the most frustrating and luck based thing in the game as this fucking creatures are faster than light and will fly into you no matter what. I have no tips for this. Section five (going for the coins in big jump, going back to the pig and to the exit): only careful jumping but nothing hard.
  9. 90% of the game is pretty easy (2-3). The 2 most difficult things are doing Adventure mode at once (as there are no saves and you can easily lost your lives in the ending levels) and of course 31 challenge lvl. Was lucky to clear Adventure mode on my 3rd attempt. I think i've spent like 3 times as much time trying to get through level 31 than on the rest of the trophies (seriously). The bats/last robot was just pure luck and required a LOT (2-3 hundred i think) of attempts to get through it. Mostly because of this i rate it 5-6.
  10. So to answer this old question from @MohawkJon_1311 i tested something. I made a photo of the first pages of wonderbook and printed it on my home printer - the PS Eye was recognizing it! It's obviously not as convenient as a standard wonderbook but at least it works. Here you can download photos of the pages: https://imgur.com/gallery/HMPlKje or you can download scans from Scribd: https://www.scribd.com/doc/203192522/Wonder-Book-Ps3
  11. Thanks for the guide. 2 trophies i had most problems with were surprisingly Quackers - needed sereval tries to hit all those damn ducks... and unsurprisingly Careful Climber - i can confirm it's glitched, had some luck it unlocked after 2nd try. My tips for this trophy: make sure your room is very well lighted (i even put additional lamp close to the book) - it will help the camera to see and register the book. I also put a blanket on the floor and rotated the book on it, make smooth movements.
  12. Overall the game is very easy and IF everything would work like it should - trophies unlocking at the first time, photos registering when they should i'd give it a 2. Unfortunately for some trophies / photos you need several attempts to have them registered and this is frustrating. Because of this, i give 3.
  13. Got the platinum in one weekend, probably around ~10 hours of game time.
  14. After you'll upgrade your bike to the max it becomes a lot easier. But i agree, i had more fun playing old motocross game on PS1 than this if it comes to physics and overall feel. I had only <100 miles when i finished all other trophies. I picked time attack and found some 'HoldR2' map online. Then it was enough to put a rubber band to R2 and leave the game for a couple of hours (you still have to check it from time to time as sometimes the rider gets stuck).
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