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  1. Frequently started and left for wins 20-50 or so. Took the scenic route.
  2. Zero skill, just tedious. 1/10
  3. Welcome from the dark side!
  4. Welcome to the site, you've found a great place! Best part of a console is that you are not having to constantly update the hardware to play.
  5. Welcome to the site, very impressive!
  6. GiN


    Welcome back to the site!
  7. Welcome to the site! You have a headstart on some--I did not have any platinum's when I joined!
  8. GiN


    Welcome aboard! Enjoy!
  9. I believe Mirror Lake is 23k (not 22.5--which I had got and still had silver). Struggled heavily with the last two...the last one was far harder for me than the 3rd one--far more variety and open space for the big game. Finally got it...good riddance!
  10. Like many others, struggled with the shooting galleries. Looking forward to being able to use the PS3 rifle in future games (finally)!
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