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  1. LoL, Send them a message. Thanks for nothing.
  2. I did it with a TON of buying cards @ $5 and then selling for more. I had great luck with BSOX Machi. bought for $5,$6, and $7. sold for $100+. The website Theshownation.com made it easier to do. I could buy and sell cards from work, or anywhere and not even be on my PS3. Good luck. In the end when I just gave up on collecting and sold off my cards is when I got the Kimbel. As long as the Community challenges are down, this is the only way to get it.
  3. Yes, The Joe Carter Legend is terrible.
  4. Ya, I have drafted 82 three times now.
  5. Just picking Owner/Former Player jumped me to 500 legacy and the first 3 trophies out of order of course. Was legacy score of 2,075 after one season.
  6. I just bought 4 packs of the $10,000 best reliever packs and got Kimbel in a pack.
  7. I have claimed 2 of them now, but in order to claim them I have to give up the right to sell them. So how are people selling their legends in the market? Are they getting them from packs?
  8. We'll I played about 40 games now and haven't even had a play close enough to get the challenge option. So I downloaded both the sliders and the roster from M-Easy. Used SF as my team and made McGehee leadoff. (right hander). First pitch I drag bunted. Got the challenge option and won. Trophy takes awhile to pop for some reason. That was easy. LoL I played against Padres at Fenway, not that it matters.
  9. Ya, best to just download M-easy's sliders. He has done all the thinking for us. It's pretty much the same every year. I do like me some MLB the Show.
  10. Im getting the 503 error message now on the website. Anybody know when the site will be available again.
  11. I believe you have to win to get cards.
  12. I just got it in a dynasty game today vs the CPU. I have L. Cain out in center field. Playing in Oak Street Park vs Brewers. Mark Buehrle pitching, robbed Jason Rogers in Left Center. I actually thought I jumped to early, but Cain just sat on top of the fence and napped it as it went over. Not sure why I didn't record it. I guess because, I was so excited to get it and was waiting for the trophy to pop. Which seemed like it took forever. I actually had another chance in the same game, but missed it. Maybe Buehrle is the key.
  13. Joe carter's fielding is awful. Now I see why he is so easy to get and only rated 85.
  14. I've heard playing shallow helps. Then you can throw them out trying to score on a base hit. I cant figure out why the community challenges are still not avail?
  15. Still not available. Anybody know when it will be up again?
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