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  1. Which would be better in terms of story and trophies, Season Pass 1 or Season Pass 2?
  2. Thanks for this! Love the game, just wish there was a chapter select or something.
  3. This was a difficult choice because both are so difficult. I'm picking Ruby because he literally would remove someone from the fight. I would last maybe 2-3 minutes before completely wiping out. I could at least last 10 minutes with Emerald. After many years later, I was finally able to beat each one, but Emerald was still easier than Ruby.
  4. My wife and I successfully complete dry January. As a reward, we will try the country's first whiskey.
  5. Same here. I'll always be interested in games. My problem is I don't have time anymore to play games.
  6. Thanks for posting your Steam purchases - I was able to snag some of those free titles. Most have been very fun. 

    1. Noox


      This month (Janaury) there are more free games.

      Maybe there is more for you.

  7. It was confusing at first but I promise it will make sense in the end (hopefully). That show takes a lot of brainpower to comprehend. If you want, go to their official website. You can look at the family tree depending on which season you are on so that it doesn't spoil anything. Dark is easily top 3 favorite shows for my wife and I.
  8. I'm currently on episode 6 of Another.
  9. Is there a compiled list of all the tournaments' results? I am only seeing 4 on the first page of this thread.
  10. The only thing I own is BAT from the Brave browser
  11. It is our very first time watching it! We are currently halfway through the second season. Unfortunately, I have seen the ending (only the 5-10 minutes leading up to it) because it is on several lists for "worst show ending." Pretty good show; mad that we didn't start it sooner!
  12. My Sackboy reacting to the news: It's unfortunate that they didn't announce it beforehand. At least now I no longer have to manage the Level 4 Level thread.
  13. #275: Bucket Knight #276: Dull Grey #277: Breeder Homegrown #278: Vasilis
  14. I'm currently playing Vasilis on Vita and Visage on Steam.
  15. Of course! I totally recommend playing the series, especially on the Vita. I thoroughly enjoyed earning the MGS3 platinum (it is also my 9th rarest platinum). The game played well for me and the Vita is just a fun device to play on in my opinion. As for MGS2, this was one of my favorite games on PS2 that I played countless times. The platinum is crazy difficult because you have to beat the game so many times while doing specific tasks each time.
  16. I finally got around to playing this on Steam (after redeeming my early access code 10 months after the game's release). I'm not a big fan of horror games but this one is very enjoyable. It has scared me countless times. The achievements have been easy to get so I imagine this is a somewhat easy platinum.
  17. I'm giving this a 3. It was slightly difficult at first trying to understand how the game works and how the enemies operate. After awhile it got easier, but it still requires some effort.
  18. It's been a year and a month since my last platinum. Feels good to earn trophies again. #275: Bucket Knight #276: Dull Grey #277 Homegrown Breeder
  19. +4 : Bucket Knight, Dull Grey, Breeder Homegrown, and Vasilis
  20. Has anyone been able to use a third-party "PlayStation" controller? I have a cheap knock-off from Amazon that I use with Steam. I don't want to pay for a subscription if the controller won't work.
  21. Looks like vita.lbp.me is still down it's been a few months now.
  22. @Terminator aww bummer. Side note: is there a list of cross-play games? (specifically Sony and Steam)
  23. So there is cross-play now? Can a PlayStation player find/add a Steam player and vice versa?
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