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  1. It's no big deal, just what I talked about in the previous issue of the newsletter that got pushed back mostly because of the Christmas card (user ranks and awards for events that took place since the new version of the forums)... Or is it? 👀
  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)!

    1. kinjall


      Thanks T! Happy holidays to you and your family! 😄

  3. Thanks for the guide @F8L Fool, worked like a charm! 👍 I completely agree with this! Strength is fine of course, especially early on, but Skill shouldn't be overlooked as some great weapons scale decently with it as well and it also increases the damage of visceral attacks, which can make a huge difference with some bosses.
  4. Thanks for the guide @Illusionary, nice work! 😄
  5. Way ahead of ya mate! (Thanks for the tag though, it reminded me to sign up for this one... 👀) +1 = 63 Bloodborne (link) Thanks!
  6. Although I'm not too proud it's on this line: God of War Ragnarok gameplay revealed PST automated trophy tracking goes live FREE SPACE I get the platinum of Tales of Graces f E3 won't be back as a huge "physical" event in 2021, if at all I did get a good number of my other predictions right though, including some rather random guesses. 😅
  7. Haha no they're not members of the community, and there's no meaningful story behind them. 😅 It started 6 years ago when Mendel took over the newsletter. He wanted to have a different banner for every issue and asked if I could include Derpy Drake and Eyeball Shephard to make them not so serious. A few years later I started using Creepy Kratos to have more variety, and then Constipated Aloy and Pufferfish Ellie now and then because we could just as well make fun of female characters (and also because Drake was tired of me regularly sticking his face on female bodies). If anyone has suggestions or even pictures of other characters like these, feel free to send them my way and I'll try to use them in future banners! 😉
  8. Trophy Log: https://psnprofiles.com/kinjall/log Trophy: #11,014 Location: Japan Cheers! 😄
  9. #11.000 (and #209) - All trophies acquired. Hats off! Bloodborne Well, it's been a long time coming... I've always looked FromSoftware games from afar, thinking they wouldn't be for me, but it turns out I was quite wrong. I loved the artistic direction and lore of this one (although I'd have preferred the later to be more explicitly fleshed out), and almost enjoyed being repeatedly beaten to a pulp by the Blood-Starved Beast and Ludwig the Holy Blade. Overall, I'm not disappointed at all after this bumpy but rewarding ride, I might even have a go at the Souls game and I'll definitely play Elden Ring! And shout out to all my Yharnam homies from the Olympics! 🏅 Congrats! It's definitely one of my favorite PoP entries as well, and it's a shame narrow-minded elitists basically cornered Ubisoft into dropping the franchise. Congratulations as well! If you liked these, I really encourage your to play ZTD. 😉
  10. Thanks for trying to find explanations! I thought about cheaters, especially since it's an old PS3 game that was a bit famous for being one of the hardest plats back then, so I'd see why people would be tempted to cheat it. Still, I have trouble believing those alone would lead to such a huge difference in rarities. 😅 Anyway, it's a pity for me that it won't count for this event but I can't blame EDs for trying out new things, so good luck again everyone! 🤘
  11. Good luck to all wagerers! I was about to enter as this was the perfect opportunity for me to clean up my last PS3 game, namely Child of Eden, until I noticed the trophy rarities on PSN are strangely high (the plat is around 5.5% when it's under 1% on PSNP, and I just can't understand how that can be). Anyway, I'll be playing that game anyway so I'll be with you guys on the ultra rare hunt, just not part of the event! 😅
  12. Thanks for the guide @jefxfree! Great tip, and I'm not sure the author is still around so maybe someone from the GT could update the guide? 👀 (Tagging @themindisacity since she's played the game...)
  13. Thanks for the guide @Blaze Naruto Shippuden! I can confirm the progress towards Man of the Rocks is cumulative across playthroughs, as it popped early in my second one.😉
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