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  1. Hey mate, did you finish Dirt 4? I was planning on doing it legit but the servers are dead

  2. Count me in if it’s on the weekend, I’m tied up until Saturday lunch time.
  3. Thanks for nubla guide and how you took time to write puzzle solutions on top corner of videos. Thank you!!

  4. I never did find the answer bud (not sure what made you think I had) but please don’t assume I just hadn’t bothered sharing it. I actually forgot I’d posted the question here all these years later and happened to be searching for the answer again (thinking its about time I played this awesome game again) and stumbled across my own thread Your reply has answered my question so thanks very much!
  5. Any level 25 good samaritan out there fancy helping me out with a quick win?
  6. I have 2 copies of the game so can self boost a lot of the online but need 2 others for the 4 player mode trophies such as the Blitz and Capture the Flag ones. Add Stay-Pationt, or better yet TommyT456 my old account (or both) as my alt account has room to display all friends on PS3 and I'll be using both anyway. Whichever 2 of you join can team up for the trophies that only need 2 players if you both still need them.
  7. If anyone still needs the 4 player online trophy (only need to clear one wave) let me know. I have 2 copies of the game and 2 PS3s as well as a potential 3rd guy so we can easily knock it out. And if you need the revives you can team up with one of us to do them too. Stay-Pationt Edit: Done now
  8. Is anyone else having problems with ghost times/scores disappearing or not showing in the first place. I have 1800 friends and there were a few scores showing but not anywhere near as many as I thought there would be. And then most of those went and disappeared. Plus I set some scores with alt accounts and they don't show. Is it just the servers? If there are issues with scores not all scores showing feel free to add me so we can beat each others ghosts and hopefully some of them will show up. Stay-Pationt Edit: All sorted now. It was because of the limit of 100 friends on PS3. I solved it by setting up a new account with aaaa at the start of the name so it would always show among my friends on PS3. That made sure that alt accounts scores were always visible.
  9. Don't have a huge amount of time available today but anyone want to make the most of the x2 XP while we have it (not sure how long it will last) by doing some XP boosting? Stay-Pationt
  10. Anyone got a decent team with space for one more (for Boss Hunt) let me know. Stay-Pationt
  11. Thanks a lot bud :)

  12. Sorry don't check my messages very often. I haven't heard of them being patched although they might have been, so might be worth trying with the patch installed. Not sure if the glitch worked on 1.00 I'm afraid, I think it might have been introduced with one of the patches but again you'd have to try. Sorry I can't be of more help, been out of touch for a while.

  13. I still need to win a boss hunt and hoping it's one of the easier ones this week. Asking in advance for anyone that needs it too (and is a competent player with a mic) or has done it already but fancies helping, so we can be prepared for when it goes live. I'm in the UK time zone and it starts on the 31st. Let me know via PSN Stay-Pationt
  14. Do the mission glitches you have found for mod MW3 work but simply having a copy and not downloading the patches?

  15. Just want to say huge thanks for your guides dude! amazing work yours, thanks for sharing it, very very useful with your commentaries, just used Jazzpunk & Nubla and was waaay entertainning... keep it up mate :applause:

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