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  1. Nice going! I also wanna say the exact same as the others as that was one of the longer ones. It's still one of the ones that I remember a lot & as the others said, not all will take as long as it.
  2. I know exactly what you mean with that lol. I might start GT7 very soon so I'll probably stack it next to GT Sport when I get around to it. I'll probably finish off the last bit of GT Sport first before I get properly into GT7 though. Nice going on the progress! There's a few tough ones coming up so as soon as you do those then just know that it won't necessarily mean that it'll only get harder. The others here know exactly which ones I'm referring too lol. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have my first update in awhile although I'll have a massive update soon for when I get around to finishing off quite a few racers that are almost done. +2 Blur (Plat) (1.53%) (Hall of Fame) +1 Split/Second It's now - 48 / 14 / 16 / 14 = 92 I started Blur & Split/Second awhile ago but only just came back to finish both off. I found Blur pretty fun with a decent challenge here or there but nothing particularly difficult although there are quite a lot of requirements in it. It's definitely nowhere near as hard as other racers out there though. I found Split/Second pretty decent too & it's not too long of a game. The two time trial trophies in it weren't a challenge at all since I did both first time. I think the game itself had things which were more difficult than those two time trial trophies.
  3. Yeah true, it would depend on how far it is away from the jump I guess but you'll get used to it after awhile. Yeah it's actually decent but it is quite a long game since you need a lot of kills & also wins in a mode that is usually available mostly at the weekends. I got the kills done so I just need a few wins now.
  4. The trick with the half pipes is to always make sure that you rotate fully at least once since it helps with the physics. The developer who worked on the tracks in the game over at PSNP has mentioned it on the forum a few times I think & usually recommends to do it. I have talked to developer a few times about the game who seems pretty cool & I think once commented on my thread over on PSNP too. I usually either accelerate or brake whilst in a half pipe jump & after awhile you'll figure out how much either way is best.
  5. I tried it out awhile ago & it's a very good game so you will like it a lot. I haven't got it yet as I already have so much to do but definitely will get that game sometime. Nice to see you started it. It can be really annoying but after awhile you can get very consistent on almost everything. There are definitely a few that are way more annoying than everything else in it. I have that game too but I never got around to doing it. It's meant to be quite long too.
  6. I think that's also the best way to do it. I don't really do other regional games so I'm probably only going to do it once. I might get around to Gran Turismo 7 eventually just not sure when though. I think the only other game apart from Gran Turismo 7 where the regional rarity is currently affected like this is Assetto Corsa although the rarity counts for the Ultimate Edition as well since that is separate. I will do the Ultimate Edition as well although I will have to do it all again. There are only a few who have ever stacked multiple versions of Assetto Corsa who are actually my friends. The funny thing is that both of my friends who have stacked it multiple times haven't been able to get one of the versions.
  7. Nice going, I think I had the exact same thing on that game or another but not sure which it was lol. It is pretty hard although it does become easier over time. I found it hard when I started it, but since then I've got a lot better at it. Oh also I saw that Dyad is not listed & I'm not sure about but saw it described as a puzzle racing game. It seems more like a puzzle game than a racing game though. I found most of Dyad alright & it was fun at times although some of it was pretty hard too. There is stuff in it that is not the most fun though.
  8. Yeah I did that for at least 15hrs but it felt like 20hrs lol. I would get a 96 or even 97 on my first drift then get 94 or 95 on the second drift. I think drifting from right to left just before the sector would get a high initiation & then I would try to control with the throttle etc. I think the game is around 50hrs so far but I think I'll take about 60hrs after I go back to finish it off.
  9. Yeah I'll be there. The servers are shared for all regions just to confirm as the group I boosted with did all the stacks whilst we all waited in the lobby so the version doesn't matter. The only thing is that you will have to search rather than rely on invites but everyone will be put in the same lobby for that. I'll also add something not related to the online but there's a trophy in the game where you have to cross the finish line whilst the car is on fire. The best way to get it is to damage your car until it is almost destroyed & make sure the last hit is angled towards the finish line. I know it's random but thought I might as well put that here in case.
  10. I have this game so I can help out with this plus I don't need the trophy so this won't take very long. I can actually set up another ps4 for this as I recently set up a new ps4 to play on. I think it works in the way that we all just search for the lobby since the invites never worked properly. If anyone has any stacks of this game then you can just go out the lobby & come back in with one of the other stacks but yeah that's only if anyone wants to do that.
  11. It's all about getting the boost mechanics down as once that is done then you will find it a lot easier to get through. The best class to use now is the drift class as it's fast & drift is enough to do the game. It's always better to get perfect boosts instead of good boosts as you build reserves faster that way. The more you build reserves the longer your boosts last. The boost pads will make your boost more powerful making you go much faster so you always want to go over any pads to keep it going. If you need to know the best tracks to try first then I can go more into that later. There are quite a few tracks that won't take very long too. I actually have a few friends who have done the developer times & are making a guide for it. I know the developer times is way above what is required & I'm not sure when it will be up but it will be the best guide out there. I can get you in a chat with some friends to explain the boost mechanics really well.
  12. Congrats! Nice to see you got this done! I'm glad you went for this game & it looks like you enjoyed it overall.
  13. Congrats! I saw too you got it done & now it looks like you are pretty much done on the game. Awesome stuff dude!
  14. Yep this is exactly what I would say as well. That is very fast so nice going. There isn't many to go now as you might get a few hard ones here or there but I'd say you only really have one hard one to go. The last ones after the hard one aren't really anything so yeah you have pretty much finished the game now.
  15. Nice going, hopefully you get that done in time. This was pretty funny lol. I haven't done much in the game so need to go back eventually but it seems like it's gonna be a long one. Nice, I will have a look at these.
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