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  1. I really want to, but all those trophies look missable. I really hope at least one person writes a guide and it doesn't end up like one of those small releases that gets 1-2 topics on here
  2. My strategy (might match the one in the video, didn't watch) Pretty sure any action you do (try to open the door leading to the exit, try to rev generator at least once, pick up keycard) all spawn 4 infected, but they only spawn with the first action you do. Starting the generator spawns a few more infected and a bloater, but revving it even once will spawn the 4 mentioned above (and will result in an unavoidable hit because one spawns directly behind the generator), so don't do that first. One or two MAY spawn on the top floor before you do anything, although I've only encountered an extra infected up there once So here's what you do: First, try to open the door leading to the exit. This is necessary, as you don't want to have to sit through that animation later while the bloater is right there. Walk out of the hallway and let the clickers come to you and kill them (preferably with melee/bricks to save ammo). When 4 are dead, grab the keycard and rush to the generator turn around, and if nobody's coming at you after 5-8 seconds, start up the generator turn around and run out the room to the right, up the walkway, then to the left down that hallway turn left at the end and stay to the right to run around the bloater, then open that door quick The bloater got a cheap shot on me and hit me with his spit as I was going thru the door and i took damage... cheeky bastard Just passed it after 2 hours of trial and error
  3. Pretty sure you have to reload your save before romancing Sybil to romance Edwen if you want them both on the same playthrough I picked the second option for her (combine our powers) and she basically called me a man whore for screwing sybil (youtube video shows that option giving him the romance). got the trophy for all her quests right after too
  4. It has been asked and answered already in multiple topics. Go investigate.
  5. Was gonna say, crossbow bolts are pretty useless past the first act, they do piddly damage. Was wondering why you were bothering with them til i saw you used 300 of em lol A big tip I could give for people is to not waste your "tainted" materials on upgrades and just sell them instead. Since it's very rare that shops are selling good weapons/armor anyway, you can use that money to make sooooo many potions. Tainted steel sells for 500, and tainted gemstone sells for 1000. End of act 2 I picked up like 7 grands worth just around the areas. Game really needed more weapons/armor to select from
  6. meta already confirmed you don't have to be good to get sybil, as he got it on his evil playthrough. plus that would mean 3 play throughs required (two as male: good/evil, and one as female good) but people have said they got the plat in 2 playthroughs
  7. thanks for that list
  8. i just don't see how i'm gonna make it through captain. if you get killed in two hits, there's no way i'm making it through it. on normal enemies i get hit more than twice, on big guys probably 5-10
  9. Some enemy moves (guy with purple sword most noticeably) do way too much damage, and other enemies take way too much damage. Don't even get me started on the zombies with double shields. Even the warrior class doesn't help much, trying to kick them over still leaves them protected by the shields. Enemies also have a habit of kicking you when you're down, and leaving you unable to get up and get hit 3-4 times in a row. Invincibility frames are needed. It wouldn't be a problem if you could block with a shield or something. Getting backed into a wall also sucks if the camera messes up. The lock on helps most of the time but with more than one enemy, it could really hurt you by accidentally putting you in between two enemies. The lock on also shouldn't negate damage to enemies in the way. Example, if I fire a fireball at an enemy far away from me, it will go through the one in between me and that enemy. Crossbow bolts won't fire properly unless you're facing a locked on enemy. Maybe Dark Souls has set my expectations too high for lock on Charge up attacks also don't do enough damage, there's no real incentive to use them. The warrior class in general is worthless, does far less damage than the (supposed to be) weaker class of ranger, blocking/parrying window is very small, and even with 100% swing speed they're still super slow Pyromancy fireballs also don't do all that much damage to anyone but the most basic of enemies. I hope they patch some of this stuff, or at least severely lower these things on the easiest difficulty. Most reviews are claiming the game is too hard to be fun. More enemies with less health doing less damage would be ideal.
  10. From what I'm reading, there's no same sex seduction scenes. The thing is, I was also reading if you're going evil, you can't get with Sybil since she wants you to stay pure. How are people doing all the seduction scenes in 2 playthroughs? Also, Meta, can you load up an old save and post a list of all the sidequests you came across so we can have a definitive list? That way we can know if we're missing any or not before progressing on. been using this - Bound By Flame Guide: Act 2 Side Quest Guide but act 2 seems to have way less quests than 1 and 3, wanted to make sure its right
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