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  1. Figured out how to enable enable Red Bricks - check screenshot.
  2. Need help with The Darkest Shore I can complete all the EE Solo but keep dying during the final battles. PSN: xblakestone Timezone: +9.5
  3. I figured it out... I wasn't aware there were hidden rewards by selecting only 2-Modifiers and 3-Modifiers etc. I found the missing one which was the 3-Modifier one and got it!
  4. Trophy: Bling-Bling Description: Crafted all Frontier Gear vanity pieces I have used all 16x modifiers however the trophy has not appeared. There are two Modifiers which don't have ticks on them and I assume it's due to them? - FREE HEALTHCARE: Med packs scattered throughout the levels. No injections available. - RUSH HOUR: A timer is set on Warren's life. Successful kills buy him more time. I have completed multiple levels with these two Modifiers and I receive them when opening the safe even equipped them but they're just not unlocking - any ideas?
  5. I have just run into this problem with the latest patch v1.03 I tried a number of things which was suggested on various forums and like many, none of them worked. I ended up going to the Tar Pit to rescue the Baby Longneck and then fast-travelled back to The Farm > Wind Turbine and it worked! Hopefully this helps someone! Video showing this:
  6. I discovered that it was a drop from an earlier Nemesis encounter which I didn't see
  7. I am at the section where the Charlie Head is about roll into the Donut Store and I noticed a "Supply Crate" in the Fire (see images). I loaded a previous save and it wasn't there prior to the fire. If I run through the fire I can almost reach it but die just before opening it - even with 2x Recovery Coins equipped. Does anyone know how to get this and what's inside? Also, it's not a Nemesis drop, he appears after the Charlie head has rolled into the Donut Store.
  8. How do you restart the 45min counter or you can't and just have to restart the game?
  9. This is the PS3 Boosting Thread - Here is the PS4 Boosting Thread: .
  10. I have collected some masks in 1 play-through and some masks in a second play-through and they all show up the Extra's menu from both play-throughs, will I get the trophy when collecting the remaining ones or do I need to get all 44 in a single play-through?
  11. I have the retail disc and just started playing this and during the end of the first Alice level my PS3 would shut down and do a system restore. I could replicate the issue every time. I read that a work around is to uninstall the v1.01 patch which I did however it overwrote my save file and I lost all progress. Luckily it was only a few hours of gameplay but still annoying. Also apparently removing this patch also removes the ability to play Online Multiplayer.
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