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  1. I will put my name here as a placeholder to say I'll sign up, but probably won't have time to do the qualifiers. PSN: Jerry_Appleby
  2. Ah that must be it! Thank you! How could I forget that especially with my love of zombies!? I think I should probably just make a forum topic that lists all the guides I've done, then I can have them all in one place! I know before the site upgrade, I had subscribed to all my guides so that I could see any comments left on them, but I haven't fooled around enough with the settings to find them all again yet.
  3. I feel honoured that I was part of one of your last boosting sessions, even though you'll probably never forgive me for that traffic accident I caused when I pushed you out of the vehicle As Krid said, most gamers don't bother with online grinds anymore because people don't want to put in any effort anymore for earning trophies. However, for me last year, I went back on PS3 (and 1 on PSV) and finished up a bunch of online MP trophies/games that I honestly thought I'd never start! I did a very quick boosting session with @Alindawylin Doom 3 BFG to get the MP done there. BTW still waiting on you to boot up those Black Ops II zombie DLCs!! (same goes for Ash/staytrue/guylian/lion if they haven't been put off from those Blops 1 games haha) Also met a new gaming buddy from Quebec that had similar gaming interests as me, and we worked on Resident Evil 6 (along with hblox and another guy from AU that I can't remember his name off the top of my head) Then went to Castlevania Harmony of Despair to get the one MP trophy, followed by AvP (which has a terribly bad online segment where you need 8 people on your friend's list playing together, and major region issues as well!). I wasn't ever planning on playing that one but he convinced me to start it up and get it done! We also worked on Splinter Cell Blacklist, which was a surprisingly short but fun boost. I also did Borderlands 2 as well, which was a game I had wanted to play for ages but never got around to it. Just need to do the Presequel on PS3 to have the collection finished up. I think that's about it for my PS3 games that have online trophies that I wanted to play. I have a few other games with MP that I bought for under $1, but they aren't really one I want to play, more like impulse buys. Some of which are games like Kane and Lynch 2, Sniper Ghost Warrior, Front MIssion Evolved, F1 2010 (only for Krid ). But I finished a good chunk of MP last year, and it was fun playing and meeting good groups of gamers that had a common goal to finish old games!
  4. Thanks. I don't suppose there's an easy way to find all the supplemental guides one has written is there? I was comparing my totals to the leaderboard, and my count was off by 4, but I can only think of 3 supplemental guides I've written and I'm drawing a blank to the other 1 (the 3 I do remember were a GI Joe collectibles guide, and Axiom Verge 1 & 2 collectible guides)
  5. They do slide in the seats to the driver position, so it doesn't actually matter. But it bothers me because I try to remember to use the proper door, and I end up subconsciously using the proper "NA" door But it still bothers me slightly that I try to remember which way to go and I still get it wrong. It would be interesting to know if any of the NA guys here run into that problem though. And yes, I should have said UK, not EU, but I was mostly referring to England since I know that's how the roads are over there. Also @AshtimusPrimeI would have rated Sleeping Dogs to be a perfect game, EXCEPT for the driving! Now I give it a 9.5 Also for those of you that have played many driving games, how many other games out there do the backwards UK version? I only know of: Watch Dogs Legion Sleeping Dogs
  6. I don't suppose I could request the same thing could I? I didn't think I had that many guides!
  7. I have a question for all the EU/AU guys here. It's related to driving so I figure this is the best place to ask! I know most games that have driving tend to focus on the North American way of driving (ie drive on the right side lane, enter cars on the left for drivers/right for passengers). The only games that I'm aware of that do it the EU way are Watch Dogs Legion (London), and Sleeping Dogs (Hong Kong). The thing is, I'm so used to the NA way of things, so I frequently keep going to the wrong side of the car in Watch Dogs Legion, and it's making me lose my mind having to try and remember to go the opposite way than I'm used to! Do any of you EU guys have that issue when playing all the NA driving games, or does it just come naturally for you? Or are there any NA players here that suffer the same way as me having to force yourself to remember that those 2 games (and possibly others) have cars that drive opposite to what you're used to? Even if I try to remember to go to the right side door for the driver in those games, I still end up doing it wrong
  8. I didn't not earn any trophies last night, so I'm not not posting about it. Seeing as you guys all seem to keep doing so
  9. Can't wait to see your reactions Hope you had a good birthday!
  10. I think you may be right +2 for me: Castlevania Advance Collection GTA Vice City
  11. Thanks! I'll be sure to add more trophies to my submission as I get time today, just in case we don't get enough by the time the event is over! EDIT: OMG you did post that Watch Dogs party screenshot for me! Can't wait to see Ashbo's reaction to it!
  12. Log: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/profiles/Jerry_Appleby/log Trophies: #29,641 #29,642 Party Screenshot: Sending to staytrue on PSN as my computer will not process images anymore. 13 Questions/Facts: 1. The weather is Cloudy and Rainy today, perfect for doing nothing but gaming on my day off 2. My favourite colours are Red and Green. Preferably a bright red and green, not dark or pukey coloured. 3. I own a bunch of gaming consoles: Sega Genesis, N64, Gamecube, DS, DS Lite (which I won in a Mario Kart competition), 3DS XL, Wii, PSP, PS2, PS3, PS4, and PSV. 4. The DS Lite that I won is 1 of only 500 in existence. It's a Pikachu DS Lite that was only available via a lottery draw in Japan! The game I won it on was Mario Kart DS, and my online record in that game is over 500 wins and under 30 losses! I retired from that game as one of the best players in Canada! 5. I'm not planning on getting a PS5. I said that before and I still want to stick to that choice. Not happy in the direction that gaming is heading towards. 6. The number 6 is the first "Perfect" number, which in math terms means that if you take all of it's divisors excluding itself (1, 2 and 3), they add up to that number. The next perfect number is 28 (1+2+4+7+14), after that the next one doesn't appear until 496, then 8128. So unfortunately you'll never be perfect again in your lifetime Ashbo. 7. Happy Birthday Ashbo. I still regret helping you do the Witness challenge via shareplay, especially since you left the room and didn't even witness the popping. 8. I'm currently working on Watch Dogs Legion. Not enjoying it as much as the first game, I find the characters are almost all annoying hipsters in the 2nd game as well as this one. Plus, their accents are so annoying and sound almost like fake accents in some situations. 9. I don't think Mayo should be considered a colour, but one thing relating to this weird fascination with condiments is that I despise them in general. I won't eat anything with mayo on it, nor ketchup, mustard, relish, or really any condiment. Probably the only thing that could be considered a condiment that I would actually ingest is maple syrup. 10. I haven't played much piano lately (both at home and at the pubs) or done any recordings as I've been too busy with work. I've been trying to get back into it now that holidays are done though! 11. I've been trying to enjoy sports despite the whole bs going on in the world, but the last few games I've had tickets to have been cancelled, so I haven't got to see a live event since like October, which is annoying as I'd usually see a game in person almost every week or 2! 12. I wish RL games had chosen a different name for their company, as my dog (who is 10+ now) is named Laika and it frustrates me seeing a company like RL disrespecting the hero Russian dog from which the name was derived from. Plus with my pure hatred of EZPZ, having a dog that sounds related to it really annoys me even more! 13. The original screenshot I sent staytrue for this QTE is totally NSFW so it probably won't get shown here, but it's a certain type of "party" that your character gets invited to in Watch Dogs 2, so hopefully he'll create an imgur for it and send it to you for a good laugh ST: The picture in question is in the spoiler. I hope you an Ashbo have a long conversation about this one. I'm sure he is dying to hear your thoughts!
  13. Ah so that's what qualifying is for! Ok this makes a bit more sense now. I thought that the qualifying round was there so that if you completed 1 name you got to choose when to enter. Like I said before, I don't watch WWE at all, don't care for it since it's all scripted acting.
  14. Assuming this QTE started at midnight UTC, I already have to trophies required for this, so I just need to find a screenshot of a party (I'm gonna send it via PSN messaging to @staytrue1985since imgur doesn't work on my computer anymore).
  15. I was kinda hoping some of the others would post their streaks as well. In about 10 more days, I'll have passed my all-time best streak of 31 days! At 22 straight as of now.
  16. But could the person choose to enter right at the very end? Like what decides when people enter the Rumble?
  17. This event seems too confusing for me, I don't follow wrestling. Can an entrant choose which days to participate? Like for example, since I work every day except Fridays and Sundays, could I decide to start on a Friday instead of a random day? Also make sure you pay those royalties to Michael Buffer for using his trademarked phrase
  18. Cool, I shall definitely look forward to seeing the results! I figured tmiac would be the top supplement writer due to all the point click guides I've used by them! Those guides are always top notch! I'm pretty sure almost all my guides are DLC, I think I only have 2 or 3 guides that are for games.
  19. @VelvetJust tagging you in case you missed this! I'm also down to having every list get an extra 5 DLC trophies every few years! There are quite a few lists that I'm fewer than 5 trophies away, but I have no interest in the remaining games. I think I like that idea better than a staff member making a brand new list every few years. Because as mentioned, Xander would basically be like the only one to complete every new list, so it's nice for him, but not really for the rest.
  20. +1 #2 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 2022 Totals: 2 0
  21. Oh neat, another leaderboard that interests me!! Just noticed that I should be in the top 10 with my 7 lists completed If F1 or FF weren't on there, I'd be very close to completing it! At 25/30 on yours, the only ones I'm missing are from: F1 2010 (I actually have this game, but can't be bothered to start it unless I can get a MP partner or if the servers are still up) FF IX FF X Resogun (Why did you have to include a PS4 exclusive DLC??? I have the PS3 version done) Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (I plan on doing eventually) Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 (Also plan on playing at some point) If you release any DLC, don't put FF in it or I'll never complete your list
  22. Awesome idea V! I've actually been wondering what the guide totals were between top members, and now I can finally see! I didn't realize I had written 31 guides! Was quite surprised at how high that number was for me! Any plans to have an additional leaderboard that separates members by , , or supplements? I'd be curious to see what ratio of guides are of each type!
  23. Still alive surprisingly! I've been lucky that I've been off work at 5pm every day, which is basically soon after the clock rolls over to the next day in UTC, so I just have to remind myself to make sure I've earned at least one trophy before going to bed, then I know I'm ok! I really don't see myself staying past a month though, I'm not one that likes to hold off earning a trophy just to keep a daily streak going. So once the month ends, I'll just go back to my usual gaming habits
  24. I've done all 4 of them, but I sold them after getting 100% in them. I think out of those, I enjoyed Gravity Rush the most, followed by Killzone Mercenary. Resistance was too easy and short, so I didn't enjoy it as much. Uncharted was also fun, but I find the series to be a bit overhyped, I prefer Tomb Raider tbh.
  25. You know how I feel about account sharing. Thanks for the offer though, it's fine. I'm not obsessively crazy about missing QTEs like you are.
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