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  1. I have been in Sydney, Australia for almost a month now. I'm seeing an apartment in Surry Hills tomorrow and am generally loving life here! Work is great, there are many spots to rollerblade, and the train system is pretty sweet since i'm living in Marrickville at the moment and usually don't like to rollerblade into work unless i'm feeling extra peppy in my steppy.
  2. not going to participate this year but will watch from the sidelines :D


    hope you've been well!

  3. No worries my friend!


    It is crazy indeed and I am very mixed in my emotions (most of them very positive). I have gotten my visa cleared and my flight leaves this Tuesday!!!


    I have never been to Australia and don't know anyone, however, i've got a good personality to meet new people and that should be lots of fun!


    Family and friends definitely have mixed emotions but everyone is confident i'll do great there!


    The days are getting so short now it seems, before I know it....i'll be arriving in Sydney

  4. I love you Slamma, they should have a rip off meal of Dennys and call it the Grand Slamma I DO WHAT I WANT breakfast specials.
  5. Pretty well man. Went through a rough patch but came out clean on the other side. Not gaming but having fun! I'm moving to Sydney soon to cook in a restaurant called the book kitchen in Surrey Hills. I am getting the urge to platinum kingdom hearts though.



  6. Oh no! Oh no! and I thought I was going to be able to resist buying a PS4. Is this coming out for PC?
  7. Hi Blaze,


    Hope you've been well buddy! Just wanted to leave a hello on your wall ;)

  8. I don't accept the term unobtainable because if it's something you can't work towards and grow from, not something I want to invest in Now I just have to apply that to all the retail therapy I partake in when stressed
  9. I have been in fine form lately as far as the insults and shit talking go (working in a golf course kitchen has helped with that). The sickies sound amazing lol. Awesome
  10. I have become an active user of facebook once again..... here it is... https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009505215094
  11. text me sometime! 734-999-6968

  12. Work and fun!!


    A random conversation on facebook 7 days ago at 5am in the morning led to a job offer at a fine dining restaurant. I will be living free of charge with a person i've met a few times through rollerblading!


    I have the job already and they are just waiting for me to get my work holiday visa 462 and then i'll be all good to go!


    My family and friends in the USA are very happy but also very sad because they know it might be a while before i'm back.


    I'm so excited though buddy! A new country, new experiences, and a great workplace!


    What's been going on with you lately?

  13. Thanks everybody!! I will definitely be avoiding living near the richest parts of Sydney but as most have said... it's on the rise for most expensive places to live so i'll try to be as frugal as possible... :/ For all the animal warnings, i've been listening to this song Thanks man! We'll have to catch up before I leave! Hah, that was good! If anything, it will be cool to have a few forum members on the same plot of land! Thanks bud! I will try my best I am an x-games junkie so that might not last long.....! I feel like that would be appropriate if I were a little bit northeast and across a little bit of pacific ocean :D You silly guy!!!! Oh man..... that's ridonkulous, I wasn't considering it but now I might haha! Hustle the shit out of everything around you for the next three weeks then private message me, those are my tips to you! I'm thinking about it, and I can't really picture what I think a typical Australian girl would look like..... maybe Blonde, blue eyes, and a nice tan.... but that just describes Californians Thanks Meeks, if I could somehow have a 3 day layover in Edinburgh, I would jump at the chance haha! As long as those animals are edible, i'll at least have a really slim chance to murder them before they murder me..... if I have my chef's knives on hand. Taipans do not look fun..... neither do all of those animals.... including the fictitious Koala demon nickname Do they taste good with BBQ sauce? I do have someone to stay with for the first year, that is one of the main factors that led to me choosing to leave the States. That's awesome, i'm glad to talk to someone that has eaten there! The breakfast menu did look really interesting. I'll definitely be spending most of my days early on just meeting people, eating, working, rollerblading, and exploring! Sorry for the multiple posts mods, i'm trigger happy today.
  14. Hey all, It's been many months since I logged on. Life has been very interesting for me, especially lately.... I've taken an offer from a rollerblading buddy of mine to come live and work in Sydney, Australia for at least a year...in a fine dining restaurant called the book kitchen in Surrey Hills. I've never lived abroad, I was born in South Korea but was adopted at 5 months old and have lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan USA the remaining 26 years. I'll be bringing $10,000 USD with me, won't have to worry about room/board for the first year, and also have my plane ticket covered. Has anyone ever moved to a new country by themselves without really knowing anyone there? I am very excited but could use some advice on things like......what murderous animals to avoid, cheap places to eat, cheap places to rent, applying for citizenship in a foreign country, etc.... Any advice, useful or not useful but hilarious..... would be greatly appreciated! Cheers! Hope you've all been well!
  15. Two can be as bad as one It's the loneliest number since the number one Haven't been here in ages! Hi everyone! We aren't winning this round, that's for damned sure :P :P :P :P :P
  16. I have lots to talk to you about!


    So sorry for the long absence, we will talk soon!!!

  17. I have a lot to talk to you about!!!! :D


    So sorry for the absence, my life has been a roller coaster the last 6 months, I am going to be living in Sydney Australia starting next month!!!

  18. :D:D:D Yeah, it at least made our matchup extra interesting down the stretch!!!!
  19. Congrats to those who made the playoffs, I got my ass handed to me on a consolation platter.
  20. Just realized we have one more week of regular season and i'm up against my fellow Michigander I hope our matchup is ridiculously close!!
  21. whooops #someoneforgottoplaylastweek I'm officially out of the running for a spot. Ugh.
  22. Thanks man! I was definitely paying a lot of attention to those scores Saturday around 8pm. Don't know why I went away from Ajai the last week. Backfired a bit. Good season and thank you for the props everyone, can't wait to play next year and make it a hat trick for Golds
  23. The wire has been cut :applause: Good luck to those that made the playoffs, I feel fortunate to have even had a chance this week.
  24. I still haven't found the reason why Higgins sat out the entire game :wall: At least i'm still in the top 20 and 1st is still a possibility. With the past 3 weeks being so low scoring because of consistent players having bad weeks, I might switch it up next week and pick some more risky or unknown players.
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