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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy birthday jaesub!

  3. Hey dude :)! How's everything going in Australia?!

  4. I have been in Sydney, Australia for almost a month now. I'm seeing an apartment in Surry Hills tomorrow and am generally loving life here! Work is great, there are many spots to rollerblade, and the train system is pretty sweet since i'm living in Marrickville at the moment and usually don't like to rollerblade into work unless i'm feeling extra peppy in my steppy.
  5. awwww ok then. I'm good. Hope you're well too. I heard you're going to Australia! good luck with that! :)

  6. not going to participate this year but will watch from the sidelines :D


    hope you've been well!

  7. No worries my friend!


    It is crazy indeed and I am very mixed in my emotions (most of them very positive). I have gotten my visa cleared and my flight leaves this Tuesday!!!


    I have never been to Australia and don't know anyone, however, i've got a good personality to meet new people and that should be lots of fun!


    Family and friends definitely have mixed emotions but everyone is confident i'll do great there!


    The days are getting so short now it seems, before I know it....i'll be arriving in Sydney

  8. Apologies it's taken me so long to reply to your last message mate!!


    Man, that's crazy!! In a good way though :p!! I bet you're well excited (and a bit nervous no doubt?!)! Have you got the visa through yet?


    I can well imagine your friends and family have mixed emotions, you'll be a long ol' way away! Opportunities like this don't come along every day though! Have you been to Australia before?

  9. NFL pickems start soon! sign up if you wanna play again! :dance:

  10. I'm just farming in DCUO, waiting for THL so I can trophy whore.

  11. I love you Slamma, they should have a rip off meal of Dennys and call it the Grand Slamma I DO WHAT I WANT breakfast specials.
  12. Pretty well man. Went through a rough patch but came out clean on the other side. Not gaming but having fun! I'm moving to Sydney soon to cook in a restaurant called the book kitchen in Surrey Hills. I am getting the urge to platinum kingdom hearts though.



  13. Oh no! Oh no! and I thought I was going to be able to resist buying a PS4. Is this coming out for PC?
  14. Hi Blaze,


    Hope you've been well buddy! Just wanted to leave a hello on your wall ;)

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