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  1. Daemon Head. Woot woot Platform: Universal Expires: Unknown. CS5JB-CTTBB-FFWXZ-FJ3BT-TC6R3
  2. Ok tysm again. I'm 2 missions away from completing the game finally, didn't realize i was that close. Just gathering 10 or so side quests before i finish, guess i get the eridian thingie at the next part i'm 3 missions away from done.
  3. Borderlands 3: 3 Gold Keys Platform: Universal Expires: 13 January, 2022. KZKJ3-6JWHS-W6CFH-X3TJJ-RXC33 Sorry only one day left been busy working. Hey Terminator i got an old question i've already asked for you. I can't find where i asked. The dlc uhh, i'm about to finally play and beat this dang thing. So the 4 main one's do after the story right? Then the other 2-3 just whenever i feel like it? Arms race, and the cut's? but save the 4 main one's till after story for spoiler stuff?
  4. Yea i agree Squeenix doing this was stupid. I went ahead and just started comrades as soon as i could, i'm following a guide i'm not to far in but i got to a part where you need to grind for like 20 hours or some crap, somewhat near the beginning and i put it down. I love rpg's but idk.. the mass grinding is starting to get to me. Most save files aren't compatible with older versions so yea there is that. The guide then proceeds to say if you went lower you could make it quicker, i'm not going lower, that was a hassle in and of itself to do plus i'd have to do it from the ps5 and may or may not be the same way, i loaned out my ps4 since i ain't using it anymore. Be happy to get this over with then move onto the real comrades i can actually MP, but yea all in all Squeenix keeps just digging that grave, but they still ain't burned the bridge with me yet, least they got me my ff14 account back after 6 flipping years. Their customer service back then was horrid, while still not that great, back then they wouldn't let me get it back after i was robbed of everything i owned sony wise and they got my keyfob authenticator. talk about pissed. Oh well i'll get it done sometime this year. i'm not sure when but hey if you wanna do the actual mp comrades together lemme know. i got till elden ring comes out to go through my backlog so i'm sure i'll hit solo comrades up again soon and get it out of the way.
  5. Borderlands 2: 5 Gold Keys Expires: 17 January, 2022. KBKJT-SC5KH-BJ6JS-BTTTJ-TFXW6
  6. Borderlands: Pre-Sequel: 5 Gold Keys Expires: 3 January, 2022. KKWBB-5KJ6X-XSBF3-B3JT3-BWB6C Expires: 3 January, 2022. WCCJB-JWJRF-FSB63-JJJ3T-WWSSJ
  7. lol gearbox gimping us for xmas Borderlands 3: 1 diamond key Expires: 3 January, 2022. 5HCT3-JJT3J-FF5X9-6JJTB-TZ5CJ Edit: I'm blind, that's Diamond not golden. lol oops.
  8. It does seem like Ubisoft is starting to move to the RPG genre and going pretty good to.
  9. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you.

  10. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)!

  11. Borderlands 3: Mercenary Day cosmetics 59WBB-FSWR9-KFC69-R3B3B-3FKST 31 DEC 2021 23:59 -0500 Can't wait to get off work to check that out.
  12. Yea i just tried to pick it back up. PS5 died 3 times to old lag bugs and lag in general. put it back down in disgust. If anyone did it they did it offline and doing it offline would take forever and prolly used save back up's. Which i want to do that, but i'd perfer to play online. Hardcore i'll do that offline. For sure. Going to attempt one more play of diablo and if no go then yea i'm waiting for new updates. 2.4 is gonna be released soon. Either this year or early next year. I know even with increased stash space you still need mules also. One of the worst things about it is it's using the old ui and using a controller on it.. SUCKS. omg.. especially dying. Having to re put all the pots back in place. ugh. Not sure if it's even mouse/kb playable.
  13. 37 Alvastia Chronicles 38 Asdivine Hearts 39 Asdivine Hearts 2 40 Asdivine Dios 41 Asdivine Menace 42 Atelier Lydie & Sue: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings DX 43 Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online 44 Dark Souls: Remaster 45 Marvel Avengers (PS4) 46 Marvel Avengers (PS5) 47 Outriders (PS4) 48 Outriders (PS5) 49 South Park Stick of Truth (PS4) 50 Tera 51 Devious Dungeon? It has a lot of rpg elements but idk? It surely isn't a 5 min plat as i see people are talking it does have a 87.2 plat rating I see people are talking about a 90% threshold. That can be good and bad. As some of these games only rpg players play some of these and things like neptunia and Atelier games are rather easy to beat. Ontop of Kemco games listed as easy on psntl. Not sure psnp as i don't look at that site at all. i know psnp is also riddled with cheaters that screw up some of the %'s. So, that could be a double edged sword. I would never list a 5 min rpg plat myself, other than Magus and well that wasn't 5... it was 10 While i didn't look at that list that was posted, i'd say just don't accept any of those titles or the developer as part of the list. If someone wants to use them to fluff up their plat's have fun, as i know i just did that to some games just to hurry and get to 124 plats for DS Remaster as my work schedule the last 3 months has been plain horrendous can't even play ff 14 anymore. bleh, just don't list em here. My 2 cents. Rebel Galaxy does also have quite a bit of RPG element's, it's rather fun. Also i'm rather proud of DS Remaster it's plat was my 10k trophy and 125th Plat together. Edit ok so i checked psnp and yea quite a few of the Asdivine games are nearing 82% and up. all it would take is for a bunch of people to say hey, i'm gonna do a back log cleaning and boom quite a few of us would lose 30+ hours per game on a leaderboard cause someone wanted some 5 min plat's.
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