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  1. Alternatively you can buy an equal amount of arrows and cannons to make ballista, which is also 250g profit. Half the mixing, but you have to manage two different resources, so there's a trade off. Arrows and cannons are right next to each other on the item list though, so its still pretty fast to select one of each for each mix. Edit: Nvm, 2 cannons makes a ballista, and 2 arrows make a catapult, so either of those is acceptable, and only requires one item to be purchased.
  2. Hi, I tried about 10x in the last two nights, and the method suggested in the guide wouldn't work for me. The trophy popped fine when I completed the requirements as stated, so possibly they fixed it in a recent update. Might require more testing or confirmation, I just wanted to let you know in case others have the same experience.
  3. Thanks for the guide. I made checklist with all the coordinates from the start so I could just do it all in one go. Still used your guide for the actual descriptions, but having all the numbers in one place made it much easier to plan my next location as I went along.
  4. Probably around 40 hrs for me. But I played it before trophy hunting and went Legend before I stopped. So I had to rank up to level 30 again for the Ultimate Comeback challenge. That added at least 5 extra hours. This is definitely a game where it's better to beat every race on normal, earn a bunch of fans & unlock cars, and then set it on hard and aim for the lights. Much less frustration than getting all lights on each one before moving on.
  5. I'm much more active at psnprofiles.com. For more info look me up there.

  6. Also, if you miss 'Prince of Thieves' and have to replay part of the game to get it, the Hatmandor-Mirage quests 'The Third Man' and 'Maliel's Tear' are both required for the trophy. You wouldn't notice this on a normal play through since you do them anyway, but if you have to go back, make sure you talk to Zask and he'll get you started. They aren't missable which is good. So glad to be done with the SP. I had a save when I first reached Hatmandor and hadn't done any of the side quests at all. Took me about 5 extra hours. You have to beat chapter 1 and open the Swallows which is halfway through chapter 2.
  7. I posted a guide on psnprofiles since I'm way more active over there. All the info you need is available.
  8. Took me about 8 or so over a couple days. My buddy did it in about 8.5 in one sitting and a 3rd friend took about 9.5, but he had a lot more trouble figuring out where to go for certain things.
  9. I put 7, the advanced challenge 4 is going to take people multiple attempts no matter what. Everything else is 4 or 5 tops if you've got a guide to figure out where/how to do everything else. There is one, just not on this site yet.
  10. One note on 'Prince of Thieves'. You mention that killing Scythe locks you out, however, if you kill Gorlagg (like you're supposed to) you never get the quest to meet Scythe at all. Maybe mention that playing the entire game as pacifist-Ly as possible is a good idea.
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