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  1. Have a good summer PureRuby

  2. Hey :) How you been?

  3. When going for this platinum I've found no complete guides around the web so I decided to make one myself. I hope you find it useful. [ame] [/ame]
  4. Yep, that's about it. Whenever you are about to die, just quit to the main menu and restart. I think I've mentioned it in one of my tips during the guide ^^
  5. Hehe seems like I end up making the guides no one wants to make XD Anyway, glad you found this useful ^^
  6. All Collectibles (Nanophage Cards, RC Cars, Patient Records, Roses, Minigame solution) & Voxel Runner [ame] [/ame]
  7. I can confirm this. I literally quit while Daniel was still trying to remember stuff during the intro and it popped. At 1st, same here. I did wait to meet the very 1st Grunt and tried to quit there but it didn't work. Then I had to restart the game to make the collectible guide but forgot I had some errands to do so I quit as the game started and I got the trophy XD
  8. My video guide does have all the documents ^^" and yeah it's still glitched unfortunately
  9. I didn't get them all on my 1st playthrough so I had to go through it again and it popped right at the last Tinderbox, which i'm 100% sure I did grab on my previous playthrough. So yeah, you need to get them all in a single run
  10. Yep, there are 5 memory cylinders. I went with the "better safe than sorry" kind of idea
  11. Not yet because I still have to play a machine for pigs but I'm pretty confident that I got all the notes so far
  12. Took me a while to replay the whole game and record my run but I've been asked to make a visual guide for this game and here it is =) I'm also going to record the locations for Justine and A Machine for Pigs as I play them. Hang in there =) Hope you find it useful! Edit: I also forgot to mention that most of these collectibles are Missable as you can only backtrack so much. Make sure to have gathered them all before proceeding. In addition, visit the Chancel before you have all the Orb pieces or you'll automatically miss some collectibles. Just follow the guide order and you'll be ok ^^ [ame] [/ame] [ame] [/ame] [ame] [/ame]
  13. Rendering a video guide for The Dark Descent as I post this. It'll cover Timberboxes and Notes of the Dark Decent game. I'll make the others as I play them. Edit: There, uploaded ^^ [ame] [/ame]
  14. Hi there, I've tried countless times to get "The last drop" trophy to pop but never managed to get it. I decided to send a tweet to Milkstone studios which promptly replied and helped me find a workaround: Quote from Milkstone studios: "Ok, found what's happening. There still should be a way to unlock it on the current version though. The trophy doesn't unlock if the hit would leave you in a stunned state (which happens when receiving a strong hit), So best way to unlock would be to wear heavy armor (harder to stun) and get hit by weaker enemies."..... "Glad you could unlock it. It's totally a bug and we'll fix it in the next update." So yeah It's partially glitched atm as of patch 1.02 but It'll be fixed in the next update. Original Tweet for those who care:
  15. Nope, that's not related. 41 nano bars means level 41 and you can achieve that by restarting the game in EX mode. You can't get it but I actually wonder if it counts as "secret" because no one achieved the "Treasure Hunter" trophy yet. Edit: NVM seems like someone got the trophy so that N.A.N.O. isn't actually registered as Secret. Good ^^
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