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  1. Does it seem a lot like the last two games? Wanted to go ahead and get it but still have a few things to catch up on, still plan on starting it soon.
  2. Thanks for the guide. There is one thing that seems to be wrong about the hitting it off trophy, we destroyed 3 cult properties but didn’t get the trophy, ended up clearing threee outposts which finally popped it.
  3. There are also plenty on the top of mountains around nests. I just did a couple side missions that actually had me kill some.
  4. Would anyone be willing to drop the last fighting rod for me? I also need to do three missions with a friend and the mp trophies.
  5. Psn - Shanehi185 Looking for a casual team, won’t have as much time as I did on the last one but still habe some easy games I need to dust off and play.
  6. 4/10. There are just a few parts that make it hard like the Valkyrie queen that will take a bunch of tries.
  7. Religion: Greek Psn: Shanehi185 V: Updated to here.
  8. This game is just as good the second time around, thanks for the guide.
  9. I keep getting the amazon thing to. I can’t look at my check list at all and can only look on the site for a couple minutes before the advertisement takes over and I have to completely close it out.
  10. eBay or amazon will be the best places to get the books, you won’t find them any cheaper. You won’t be missing out on anything if you just play the game.
  11. 16!? I guess I should start my first one if I can stop playing AC Origins long enough.
  12. Congrats. I never knew how your name was pronounced so I would just always say the letters in my head.
  13. Psn: Shanehi185 Wager 1. Nubla 2. Root Letter 3. Deponia 4. Datura Z: Wager banked.
  14. Psn: Shanehi185 Wager 1. Dark Arcania: The Carnival 2. Root Letter Ps4 3. The Walking Dead: A New Frontier 4. Datura S: Wager rejected. Both Dark Arcania: The Carnival and TWD are ineligible. Please make a new post with eligible games.
  15. I had this happen last night and was worried but I guess it isn’t a big deal thankfully. Need to go back and check once I restart the game.
  16. You mean that you still get ability points from experience even after getting to level 40? Definitely didn’t expect that.
  17. Mine all seem to show up when I enter a new region and “unfog” the map.
  18. There almost always are, extremely rare for an actual expansion not to have them.
  19. 4/10. Easy list but a couple trophi s can give you problems if you don’t get get lucky.
  20. It isn’t fixed for me but I did get the trophy. It’s showing my defense scores but all of the attack ones are still 40-100 even though they should all be 500+. Would be maxed at steward right now but doesn’t matter I guess since I got the trophy.
  21. I’m half way through act 4 and have the same problem, hopefully gets fixed soon.
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