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  1. I'm asking because I can't find a guide for any of DLC's anywhere. Not sure if the challenges will require an online connection or there are leaderboard feats like in the main game? Just looking for some clarification - thanks!
  2. I read elsewhere that you need to make sure to buy all your weapons and attachments from the main menu - did you stick to this or not?
  3. Is this still an issue at all or has it been fixed?
  4. Could be wrong here, but the trophy 'Global Allies' - Utilized the Rental Avatar function. needs to be added as an online-only trophy.
  5. Seen conflicting reports about this online, wanted some confirmation as if the game cannot be played with bots it makes the platinum harder IMO... particularly when the servers are dead in several years, you'd have to find 7 other players just to start a match. Or is there a minimum of human players that have to be in the lobby to start a match?
  6. Can anyone identify the 4 online bronze trophies for this game as stated in the guide? From browsing I can see that... Around the world & Nameless ghost require an online connection. What are the other 2 online only trophies please?
  7. Thanks for confirmation. Seeing as the trophy 'Something to Talk About' is also related to Diamond Dynasty I would assume this could be classified as online only as well.
  8. Thank-you I missed that part. I also found out that you need to complete mission 7 'Spider Nest Castle' to unlock the hidden teahouse. More research has also led to some debate about whether or not this trophy is actually online only. It would be really helpful if someone could perhaps load up the game, sign out of PSN and see if they still able to purchase anything in the teahouse.
  9. The trophy guide lists there as being 1 online trophy in this DLC and therefore the entire game. I skimmed through the guide and couldn't find it, anyone know which bronze trophy the OP is referring to as online only?
  10. Thank-you I figured that 'Welcome to the Chip' was online only - you said there's one more related to Diamond Dynasty, what's the name of that trophy please?
  11. According to the Guide on PSNP, the only online trophy in MLB The Show 19 - is "Welcome To The Chip".

  12. Seeing as there's no trophy guide for this game, can anyone confirm what the online trophies actually are? Thanks.
  13. I was just wondering before I start all the DLC (including Authentic Plus), can I do it by myself? I know that playing with a co-op partner is recommended for some trophies, but is it essential? Thank-you.
  14. Hi, I'm new to the Wipeout series. As there is no trophy guide for the game, I had some questions about the online trophies. Other than the win 10 / finish 10 online races & Destroy 50 ships in Online Eliminator (so 3 in total), are there any other online trophies for this game? Thank-you.
  15. Voted 9. I must be shocking at this game, because everyone else seems to think it's easy, but I found the ultimate burn circuit to be extremely challenging and stressful.
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