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    Eastern USA
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    Manga, anime, video games, and building gundam models

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    ps4 samurai warriors 4-ii, warriors all stars Xbox one madden 16 and forza 7
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    energy cycle
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    Hiq ace
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    No real goals this year went trophy crazy at the beginning of 2017 and it almost ruined games for me

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  1. Hey spyker, sorry mate, I totally forgot to look at this properly for you :o


    Are you still interested in having something? Request

  2. + 2 atelier escha and logy ps3 atelier totori plus vita JP
  3. 31 atelier escha and logy alchemists of the dusk 32 atelier totori plus
  4. Yeah but running what you normally do with 80+ people a shift with only 30 people sucks and tires you out
  5. Man I wish I could stay home for a couple of days but when you work in a medical warehouse you still have to work
  6. Lol you can have your place back I was just keeping it warm for you:whistle:
  7. i was about to cry I forgot it’s April fools day
  8. + atelier shallie the alchemists of dusk sea
  9. +1(P) atelier shallie the alchemists of dusk sea
  10. 30 atelier shallie the alchemists of dusk sea
  11. And that’s what I’m saying about the dragon quest heroes games I don’t think there rpgs I think they are mousou games and if we are to include them we have to include other mousou games which I don’t think we should include any but we will see what lab thinks
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