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  1. Hi there, I have a code for the Season Pass of Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite which includes the 6 DLC Characters (USA and Latin America i guess) I'm open to trade for some other code of PSPlus, DLC of some fighting game, Nino Kuni 2 or just sell it via Paypal and criptocurrency. Have an amazing New Year with health, abundance, success and love.
  2. Hello, I'm looking for a partner for the Gold league trophy. Let me begin saying that I'm in Mexico, for the area of Quintana Roo, therefore someplace close like New Orleans, Mexico City would be the best. To do this, is better to use the fighting request option and select "ask" and not automatic section to look for the partner, and is even better if the partner is in the PS4 too to make smaller the playerbase. Once there, we confirm is us in the fight and then play, until someone is gold. Considering this, the comunication will be important and will just a matter of being synchronized and have patience. My times would be in the nights in the week and the morning in the weekends. UTC -5 Edit: Because we only have 15 seconds to confirm and go to the PS Menu disconecct the search, share the Skype or whatssap would be ideal for fast communication (sorry, by now don't have headphone)
  3. Enjoy the ride, the only thing that you should/can take care is about use the same 2 squad members in all the missions once you have the whole gang reunited, and that is only if you want to save 1 run. You still need at least 3 runs for the plat so play whatever and whoever you want in your first Shepard.
  4. The DLC is not needed for the platinum, but they certainly used to give you a breath of air with those 20 missions.
  5. If the combo counter turns Blue during/after the animation of the grab, it means that the grab was too slow and in a real match the oponent would be able to recover in air before being grabbed. No other option but do it faster (if it was a cancel but I Believe it was), it is a relatively long 20 hit combo but it can be made, just don't give and keep pushing forward. And because the 70 hits of the grab distorsion adds so fast, surely you wasn't able to see it until the 50 mark. Good luck.
  6. I can confirm that this trick still works for the latest update and in split-screen.
  7. 200 Hrs, too much time in side-ops and doing tasks.
  8. Maybe is the purple Kunai? For what I remember, that is an item that you get beating all the enemies in a particular room but there is nothing to specify you have to do it because you can just run all enemies and go to next room.
  9. Harder but shorter than MK9. Harder and longer than Injustice. Reason? Unlike NRS fighting games (can't talk about MKX) platinums that have some abusing IA and a lot of grinding/mini-games, USF4 platinum relies in completing trials and online for all the base characters (35) and in my humble opinion, that is harder overall. You can cheese the (usually cheating) IA somehow, go though the grind and even boost the online but the trials alone will test you in a non-minigame way, just do the combo.
  10. If I remember correctly, it is when you have to aboard some flying ship. Don't worry about it because the game actually warns you about being a point of no return.
  11. There is something in particular to know about the Handsome Collection? It is the first game(s) that I have for the PS4 and the original Borderlands was fun but with a lot of potential bugs/glitches (good thing that read about them and was able to avoid them all) Can confirm if the Handsome collection is 100 % in dual-screen offline?
  12. To avoid burns from Solidus, just learn the 3-4 sword attacks and when he charges you just just make the jump/evade move to right/left. The trick is see that in the beginning he will charge at you but that move is parryable/blockable, but when he charges at you after move to other places before actually go for you, it is better avoid block because more than once he will hit you in the back or side and if that don¿t hit you, the flames trail will. This boss is not that hard compared with the Carrier, Fatman o Vamp but you still need to learn his moves and, I neither had any life left because of that choke in the last part. Good luck.
  13. Just bought Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain to end the year playing the whole Metal Gear saga and Shovel Knight as a gift for the holidays. Still need to buy another for a gift but don't know which one.
  14. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, just in waiting to buy The Phantom Pain in the weekend and then have played all MGS saga (those that matters most)
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