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  1. Need to take out a base in Coop. PSN Time Zone: GMT+1, available for the rest of the day and tomorrow. Got it!
  2. That's weird. Can you share your PSN ID? Then I'll add you
  3. If anyone wants to help me get the two Juliana trophies and vice versa - PSN ID: DerSaudumm I'll have time for the next 8 hours or so
  4. It's not exactly "buying a level", it's buying experience once per 5 level. You have to fight and practice to level up further. Training (paying for experience) is more like a bonus you have to pay for for leveling up every 5 level. The amount you have to pay is increasing, too. Basics: 60 Groschen Level 5: 180 Groschen Level 10: 540 Groschen Level 15: i guess it's 540*3 = 1620 Groschen
  5. Do you have a TV with HDR support and is HDR activated? It seems like the game is blocking screenshots (and Photo Mode) as long as HDR is activated. And you can't turn it off in game...
  6. I found that by accident. The message is a nice reference to a cult classic
  7. Not really, they are just getting bigger. Easy is a 3x3 puzzle Medium is a 4x4 puzzle Hard is a 5x5 puzzle There are some pictures that are really difficult (for example: 6 tiles with a night sky that all look the same), but you can just exit and restart until there's a picture with distinct tiles
  8. If you need help with the puzzles or just want to get to your platinum as quick as possible, take a photo with your smartphone before it's shuffled and visit this nice (but old) Puzzle Solver A few other tips: To quickly beat your best time multiple times, select "Easy". To make solving medium and hard puzzles easier, just restart those puzzles until you get a photo with distinct tiles. Some of the photos have similar tiles and are a real pain in the a..
  9. Same here. Beat my best time by one or less seconds, then beat my new best time for the "improve your best time for 2 times" and then I immediately beat my new best time for the "improve for first time" trophy. So I don't know if you have to beat your best time immediately the next round or if the order of the trophies is just weird.
  10. If anybody wants to help me with the (whole?) DLC: saudumm_1
  11. Can anybody help me with the second boss (Dog) in the Defiled Chalice Dungeon? I'm stuck at that boss for days now. I saw the line "You Died" more often than in the main game now. Edit: Got help! Thank you
  12. Thank you! After raising the stats and building the tools really early, the playthroughs are pretty easy
  13. I'm having the same problem. I'm unable to gather all the required materials for the second and third body. It seems impossible to me to do all the cleaning and gather the right items... Is there any trick to it?
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