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    30 year old father of 3 who is very happily married to my wife of 11 years.
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    New Hampshire, USA
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    Gaming, Reading, Movies, Long Walks on the Beach with no shoes on ..... lol
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  1. If it doesnt work sell the vendor 10-15 bullets, accept the trade and now start the process over. Works 100% of the time
  2. Psn - TriangleOffense Trophies - The 3 Hardcore ones Time zone - Est Platform - PS4 Anytime after 5pm tomorrow im available if someone can help, please send a request if you can and ill work around your schedule
  3. They introduced questlines and the turorial is a wuest called Vors Prize. Its done to make you familiar with how quests work
  4. Raw dps its brakk, boltor prime can out damage almost every primary as for melee its dual ichor or bust for me. I prefer soma and synapse over boltor but you cant deny the power that boltor has
  5. On the security camera one does that have to be done in a single login session ? My progress keeps resetting on that one
  6. I was just gifted this game and would love to find a regular group to play with. I have the game and the season pass which minus a few skins im pretty sure is everything. PSN-TriangleOffense Feel free to add me just please throw either a ps3t or killzone msg in there along with it. I look forward to dragging us all down for a few days until i get the hang of it again
  7. I was just coming to post the same thing, i bought digital on ps3 for my 2 kids consoles today and i get it for ps4 now all for $60 but i havent found a way to actually download it on my ps4 yet but it is installed on both my ps3's already. Guess ill sit back and wait, cant be mad since the deal just saved me more than switching to geico
  8. Do trophies not unlock for player 2 in coop ?
  9. 01. Demon's Souls 02. Portal 2 03. Fallout 3 04. MAG 05. GTAV 06. Heavy Rain 07. Burnout Paradise 08. Uncharted 2 09. Mirror's Edge 10. Borderlands Awesome thread
  10. 1 platinum kinda Sound Shapes, all I did was sync cloud data 1 100% in Contrast
  11. http://s1.postimg.org/898j0ny8v/IMG_20140128_185626.jpg
  12. Pretty sure you answered your own question here. I personally don't bother 99% of the time, a trophy isn't a valid reason to ruin your gaming fun
  13. Please add me to the crew PSN-TriangleOffense Timezone-EST Mic-No but buying one for ExtraLife on Nov 2nd so I'll have one soon
  14. Network is down according to Sony (I called) been 4+ hours since I could get on
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