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  1. hey terminator thanks for quick reply.....anyway i got my stats back.... By using this tip i got my stats back but don't know whether it will also record your medals....you can get back your stats just use following tip TIP : Just log in to your battle log account from any device other than your ps3 and leave it online and play your game, then you can get back your stats. IMPORTANT NOTE : do not log out of your battle log account and also do not clear your browser cache..... When i was playing there is a power failure and lost my stats....luckily i kept open my battle log account in my laptop, then when you restart your ps3 do file system restore if it prompts for(I did it, I don't know if your stats come back if you don't restore) if your ps3 doesn't prompt for restore just leave it. I did not clear my browser cache and my browser showed logged in battle log, then when i finished a game later and stats returned and i am not sure whether it gives back your earned medals or not. you can also use this and try please don't blame me if this doesn't work for you. let me know if anyone got back their stats by this tip.
  2. Hey everyone just a simple question....... as I am playing multiplayer in medal of honor war fighter there was a power failure and the stats did not save for...... Did anyone come across this if yes do you know a way to get back our lost stats? And for your information I did not backup my save files in any other devices like pen drive/flash drive etc or on online(as I am not plus member I cannot store online).
  3. olsen i am new here so can u please send me the names of all the important people in this forum thank you in advance

  4. hey guys i got a friend named galaxy626(i think) who needs nail'd online trophy boosting and me so it is 2 members now we need more 3 members please help us(horidus1 & galaxy626) out if u see this thread please........hey galaxy if i spelled your name wrong i am sorry don't mind please..........please guys if u r interested send me friend request with nail'd trophy boost as subject........help us out.......thank u in advance
  6. i am also interested in this but i am a newbie to the site and also i don't meet your minimum requirements.....so i will come back after i meet those requirements if this post last that long.........ok all the best for all the members who r joining on this job........good luck mates.....
  7. evil j mcnasty......to unlock trophies saying play 10 online races as interceptor r to be won? or just play them then trophy unlocks......if it is play them then trophy unlocks then just start it and i will lose in 1 or 2 mins....i just need those trophies because i don't have that much time to play all those races online.......i will just have 2 days trail if i click it then no trail no trophies so i just need someone to boost those trophies......i think u understand what i am saying....do we need dlc trophies to unlock platinum coz i am goin for the platinum.
  8. ea just took out online it says ea servers r not available at the time try again later......
  9. i rate it 3/10.......i find this very easy platinum i gave 3 because we need to play 3 times for the plat.
  10. i plat this game and i made the same mistake but when i was stuck there i just jump and press lpad up and jump button like crazy and i ended up like walking on the ledge.....when i walked and saved immediately so i could get out of the loop......yet another stop came to me where dahaka chases u for the first time and when u walk all the ledges fall down again i have nowhere to go then i just traced back and went to the place dahaka bursts from wall i ended up goin to the place where prince goes through a hole to save from dahaka from top of the tower where three rods fall off......the funniest thing i got was ending up on the ledge after the jump....i thought WTF how did i end up here......man i was lucky there i think....
  11. ok skippyn8,awesome great,yossaih,yewefei and others who played with me today i think i helped u for the trophy boost.....i will help others if u know what u r doin...today we end up like doin explanation and all..... if anyone need aeotm trophy u need to have a mike so that i can explain in mike and u do what i say then u get that trophy........ if u don't have a mike i will explain in chat room and please listen to me...don't do things on your own....... first thing please tell me which trophy u need and i will help accordingly...... THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU SHOULD BE WILLING TO WAIT AND LISTEN AND ALSO HELP OTHERS IF YOU R IMPATIENT PLEASE I CAN'T HELP THEM BECAUSE I NEED TO CALL OTHER MEMBERS AND INVITE THEM AND EXPLAIN TO THEM AND ALSO NEED TO EXPLAIN THE BONUSES THEY GET BECAUSE OF ALL THE ROOKIES I GET TO HELP SOME PEOPLE DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO STUN R HOW TO DO THINGS AND SOME PEOPLE WILL BE GOIN OFFLINE DUE TO SOME NETWORK DIFFICULTIES SO PLEASE BE PATIENT AND LISTEN TO ME.......
  12. my psn id:horidus1 i already plat this game.....so if anyone need help with boosting r anything send me friend request with acb plat help as subject or body of the message to me......and after u get plat in that game i need some help with other games please help me to plat games if u can ok thanks in advance my time zone is +5:30GMT mumbai,delhi.....i will be online from 11am to 5pm from monday to saturday(except second saturday).....u can convert the time and try to come online i will definetly help you if i am online
  13. my psn id:horidus1 i am looking for all online trophies to be boosted because i don't have online in nfshp...i have like 2 days trail which i will activate after i get some friends to help.....so please help me and send me message with nfshp online trophy as subject or body of the message in friend request
  14. i need nail'd online trophies if anyone interested send me friend request saying need nail'd trophies in ps3.... PSN ID:HORIDUS1 please help me with the online trophies for this game i want to plat this game please please help me
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