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  1. Looking for an M10 x18 Bangstick. Wanting to try out a build I saw, but can't find the gun. Anointment isn't important. I haven't much to trade, as most of my time on m10 has been random looking for this weapon. PSN is Soleiko. Thanks in advance to anyone able to help.
  2. Okay. I've seen that perk before and didn't understand it. Now it makes sense. Thanks so much for the answer Gage.
  3. So I made a new insect glaive and that was in the elemental damage slot, Blast (240). Other weapons with elemental damage have just had the element and damage, example Water 90. Do the parentheses around the damage mean anything? Or are they just there for some unknown reason. I haven't had a chance to try the weapon out, literally made it and had to get offline. It was a Chrome Blade I, if that is relevant. Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. Got the trophies, thanks Pk--Fallen--. Just got plat. No longer boosting these trophies. Good luck everyone. PSN: Soleiko
  5. If anyone is willing to trade the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring +2 and Obscuring Ring to me you can have anything I have. Message me and we can work out a meet, thanks. PSN: Soleiko
  6. Haven't played much yet, but the performance is pretty lackluster. No real bugs as of yet, just slow and the graphics aren't always clear. Is there a wall there, or isn't there. If you have played this on PS3 then you aren't missing anything (again I haven't played much so there may be little tidbits here or there), if you havent, or don't have a PS3, then it is still an excellent strategy game. If 20 bucks is too steep, wait for a sale, I would have, but I love playing XCom and having it on the go is worth the hope of an update for me.
  7. I cannot wait to try this game. The buy in is the only thing holding me back. Mostly because I cannot find any information regarding the different editions. There is the store description, but it does not tell you much.
  8. Everytime I click on the spoiler tag for Little Zeus the tag for Flawless Victory opens up. I'm using a Vita, but never had that happen before. Great guide though. Fun little game, surprised it took so long for someome to write one.
  9. First off, excellent guide, Captain Sellers! I have referred to it frequently, mostly for checking my spells as I never remember all the ones I have and do not. Along the spell line for Dark Weapon, Felkin is spelled Kelkin. If I hadn't looked at the spell lists so much I probably would not have even noticed. So, thanks for the guide and continued support for people here asking questions.
  10. You should mention which server you are on as well. In order to avoid confusion.
  11. The anchors are timed events as far as I know. Unfortunately I do not know the timing. Don't forget to loot the chest when you complete one. All crafting materials stored in your bank can be used from your bank. This access is granted to all characters on your account, being a shared bank and all. Crafting materials in your inventory will be prioritized over materials in your bank. As a side note, in case you are not aware, the crafting merchants Blacksmith, Clothier and Woodworker sell an unlimited supply of racial materials for 15g each.
  12. Wow. Talk about whiplash. Definitely report this though. This game is way too fun for it to be ruined by cheating. I don't get some people.
  13. Ah, gotcha. Good luck with that, man. I don't know if they have one or ever will. If they don't have it implemented already though I wouldn't hold my breath.
  14. Not to sound like an ass, but you realize there are only two servers right?
  15. That is a skillfrom the Templar skill tree. Aedric Spear, I think is the name.
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