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  1. late but... need to boost a few trophies (not a ton, but want to get these done [bought this since i liked and platted payday 2]). have DLC, a mic, good team player, i can help you get other trophies too. send me a friend request. thanks PSN ID: shathe_nele_m_la
  2. i have no idea where this is and the game give no clue as to where to go. (finished all acts in level 3.) any help? [EDIT]: think i figured it out. you have to go into the armory. down to go up... yeah, that makes sense.
  3. i don't even see a subtitle option for this game... (kind of a crap game btw. how is this doom?)
  4. and i see nothing but a master vole setting. is it fixable?
  5. i was just going to skip e2m9 and go from e2m5 to e2m6 (much easier) unless that level is needed for the trophy or actually ends the episode(?) although it looks like you just go e2m5 -> e2m9 -> e2m6. is this correct? can i just skip m9 and still get the trophy?
  6. punching fucking sucks in the game. you end up hurting yourself more than enemies...
  7. wow, a mod on a trophy site calling someone a "trophy whore"? ...ok. on another note, it's only a decade after release, but this game kinda sucks. the looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooading is soooooooooooooo slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow..... fuck i can make coffee and get a cup and come back before it's done. i noticed while playing pinball that the left flipper doesn't always work the first time. and i hate it when enemies just pop up behind you for no other reason but to make the game harder. and enemies just bum rush you faster than you can shoot them until you figure out in advance (aka, after you've already been killed and have to wait for the slow-ass loading screen again) where you have to be/go/aim so you don't get pummeled. game kinda sucks.
  8. fuck this trophy and fuck this game. it should say in the walkthrough that you have to do 50 playthroughs 7/8 of the way to get some trophies... and the glitchy bullshit in this game doesn't help.
  9. i'm in the joker boss fight, new game plus, and i can do nothing when teh titan charges. any attempt to simply run out of the way, even IF i am ready and waiting and take off right away, i get knocked down about 90% of the time. it's like batman is in slow mo and i just get destroyed.
  10. wow. let me count the ways... 1) hitting a "special combo" is nearly impossible because you have to hit two buttons simultaneously and it almost never works, so you lose your combo, and get the shit beat out of you by 50 guys surrounding you. 2) there are 50 guys surrounding you. 3) batman is slow as fuck for some reason 4) i'm getting attacked by so many guys at the same time i can't tell who is attacking me 5) you have to be standing completely still to do anything, like pick up a phone or trigger a bomb. who decided that square + triangle was even remotely natural or doable? i can't hit them simultaneously without taking my left hand off the move stick and so i get screwed even IF i hit the buttons.
  11. i think she's supposed to be the coldest girl, not the hottest. but whatever floats your boat.
  12. harley quinn always did something for me. not even my "type", but damn... maybe it's the voice? poison ivy is usually great, but the hair is really fucked up in these games. looks like a mullet. should be the sexiest part, but sadly no...
  13. my problem isn't necessarily the guns, it's with batman being slow as fuck. he will walk up to someone and can't punch them first, unless he is countering. the whole counter thing is gimmicky and shitty imo. you ARE button mashing, it's just that you are mashing triangle rather than square...
  14. yeah, just finished fo3 (GOTY). quite a few slow downs and a couple of freezes, especially in the pitt after meeting... that one guy. can't remember his name. i think there were just too many people running around. did the zeta DLC last, always with energy weapons, used VATS almost always, and had about a 12 MB file size. i think i had one freeze and maybe a couple of slowdowns. the pitt was the only one that really gave me any trouble. (thanks for your work on FO btw.) on to new vegas, which i guess is buggier? but maybe i can do it kind of piecemeal. i've already done the hardcore run. wish i could use a ps4 controller, but for whatever reason the R2/L2 doesn't work, although everything else does.
  15. yeah, i know, lol. i was trying to moderate my saves a bit so i wouldn't glitch out the game. thankfully, i'm done with all the missable/glitchable trophies (except for getting one bobblehead), and i have to check the dlcs. but i've only had one true system freeze, and several 'temporary freezes', where i just had to wait long enough (mostly about a minute or two) and the game would restart where it left off. generally, this was a slow-motion shooting scene. basically, i'm enjoying the game quite a bit, but i'd enjoy it a lot more without the freezing...
  16. i LOVE losing an hour's progress doing mundane shit just because i accidentally stole a tin can or some useless garbage off of moira's counter when i was trying to talk to her. here's a clue: don't strew random 'stealable' garbage all over the place when you don't need too. then maybe you wouldn't make games that crash all the time.
  17. pretty bad when the guide actually tells you to repurchase the vanilla game and the pitt dlc. so i should give them money for putting out broken shit? glad i only have two bethesda games.
  18. it's so frustrating when you're trying to do a checkpoint race or something and some asshole in a bus pulls out right in front of you and stops. i think the random nature of the streets is good, but doing the same thing over and over kinda sucks ...big time.
  19. what a fucking asshole! you just have to wait for the randomness of the game to make this boss possible.
  20. loooooove seeing the last post in a thread (so helpful for guides not to actually see the guide), as well as having 1/3 of the screen automatically filled with blank space. thanks for 'fixing' a site that wasn't broken.
  21. this site used to basically have my games (listed and i could check the percentage and what trophies i had/needed) so that i checked what i needed to. i really have zero interest in games i don't own (go figure). will the site have that eventually, or should i just look elsewhere?
  22. what happened to this site? a couple of days ago it was VERY easy and intuitive to use. now, i can't find my trophy list, 100% games, individual game forums, guides, or really anything except the general forums. i hope this gets fixed... is there a way to see the older view?
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