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  1. Co-op Boosting Thread What your post should at least include (but not limited to): Your PSN ID Online trophies you're wanting to boost Your time zone Please keep all discussions and planning in the Co-Op boosting thread. Please do not create another thread if you're looking for a partner. __________________________________________________ Looking for a person to play this with/nab the MP trophies! I get my PS5 tomorrow and this is my fist game I'll be playing! Anyone want to join send me a friend request (put SB in comment) - Let's have fun! PSN Esoteric-Z
  2. Need "Senseless Axe of Violence" and black out characters (I hate BO mode) Msg with BO4 please PSN Esoteric-Z
  3. ARCADE Competitor and ARCADE Hunter (Win 10 featured and 100 kills in MP) Hoping to knock out over the weekend, free next 3 days. Send a friend request with FC5 in description if you are free. FINISHED
  4. Nice! Good to know, I can't ever seem to get this guy to spawn. Going to try the Delve trick
  5. I think you would have to give it to Max Payne 3 Infinitely harder plat, which takes way more time on the story mode plus a barrage of overall hours for story + online. Only .7% have plat and .3% have 100% compared to almost 2% for RDR2 - I know you didn't ask what was harder but when you account for all the hours it takes to get good enough to play MP3, I think it wins in a landslide
  6. I can boot back up and get back in but I lose a portal. No joke I failed a map due to multiple crashes closing all the portals. Some days are fine and I never blue screen, others it's so constant you think it's a feature of the game.
  7. I ask because the *constant* blue screening that happens in this game. I've never played a game the blue screens so consistently, the big fear is trying to run maps as you lose the map when the game crashes, then you have to find it again and attempt it again *hoping* it doesn't crash on you during the next run. Frustrating.
  8. Finished main game and starting to work on the maps. Have 1 other with me. Still ranking up.. currently 73 ranger.. but my build is strong and I managed to get almost all my desired gear off the trading boards already. Play allot so should be in the mid 80s in no time. Looking for someone else to do some of the rare maps (and harder bosses) with so we can double up on credit. PSN: Esoteric-Z
  9. It does not, only counts for the main account you are playing on.
  10. Overall disappointed, which is a shame cause it shows so much promise. They obviously rushed it out, sooo many bugs/glitches. I have to restart the game every 1-2 hours or it gets out of hand. At one point the entire original safe house just disappeared, I could see Boozer laying on a bed in the sky with no way to get up there. The audio sync is beyond unacceptable. Ruins the flow/mood of the game. Things falling from the sky, enemies disappearing/appearing out of thin air. They needed a few more months in QC. My other gripe is it's just kinda boring. I feel like I'm just playing the same 3 missions over and over. I'm not as big of a fan of the characters as some of you seem to be. I feel like they couldn't decide who they wanted Deac to be, so they gave him several personalities that he bounces between. All that said I do still enjoy it, but overall it was a letdown. 6/10
  11. Looking for someone to do "Run The Gauntlet" (complete Desperate Escape on Professional) - Last one needed for 100% Should know the end standing spot trick to make it easier ;-) PSN Esoteric-Z
  12. Dead of Night EE My buddy and I are doing today (12/21) at noon/1 mountain time. 2 spots open if you want in. We know the steps. PSN Esoteric-Z
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