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  1. Had my PS5 for a few hours now, and so far I'm very impressed. Everything is very quick, and the haptic feedback/adaptive triggers are awesome. There are a few minor complaints (mainly a few features that were present on PS4 that currently aren't present on PS5, such as game folders and being able to hide games within the Library), but I imagine these are features we'll receive eventually.
  2. Well HD was essentially a remake/remaster of Pulse and Pure, which were PSP games, so the HD component of Omega meets the requirements, which is probably why it was included.
  3. In that case, also a +1 for WipEout Omega Collection please.
  4. +2 Star Wars Episode I: Racer Star Wars: Racer Revenge
  5. Click the black/white circle in the top right corner to change to dark mode.
  6. +2 for a nice even 100 Far Cry 5 Far Cry: New Dawn
  7. +1 Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
  8. +3 Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition Get Even (missed this previously) Hard Reset Redux
  9. +2 Gravity Rush Remastered Gravity Rush 2
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