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  1. We should've had a bonus day so my W5 on Saturday (currently a W7) counted
  2. I'm going to start Bugsnax. I've heard really good things about this one.
  3. Then there's me who would proudly say Legacy of Goku II Few days late, but congrats on the plat! I do still need to get around to picking this up. Kind of disappointing there isn't a Budokai 2 HD as that was the one I played the most and have fond memories of. I don't actually know if I played 3 as that might've been around the time when I started my DB hiatus that lasted until around the time DBS was announced
  4. Fascinating! There's definitely been a lot of smoke lately, and it's clear there's at least one fire. Makes me happy to finally have a PS5
  5. I'm very much eager to know what's really in store! It feels like there's no middle ground between epic and disaster, and I'm not sure Sony can afford a Nintendo Online N64 goof.
  6. Wow, my team fell apart these past few weeks lol Fun league, as always! Thanks for running things, Slamma!
  7. This will certainly be well out of my price range. Maybe if I'm lucky, my brother will hand-me-down his original PSVR when he buys his PSVR2 so I can play some of the games I've missed out on. Not that I have any space given my current set up EDIT: To followup my previous post, surprised there's nothing on GT7 in conjunction with this yet. That I know of.
  8. I'll end the warm up period at W11. I probably won't get past W4 now
  9. Me going over all the scenarios to figure out the safest and/or most logical move:
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