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  1. Very easy, relatively fast but very boring and repetitive (double) platinum. I really like the genre that's why I bought it on sale for 1,99. However, it is really basic and not that great of a game. Wouldn't recommend unless you're only in it for the trophies. ceno
  2. I got the Platinum on PS5 a few days ago and according to the console I had around 200hrs of playtime at that point. However, I wasn't always "grinding" or aiming to complete certain trophies. I was more or less just playing the game, sometimes solo, sometimes with friends. Nothing was really super hard, but the trophies that were the most annoying were Escape Artist (25 Extractions) and Clean Exit (Extract without anyone dying), mainly because hardly anyone plays that mode and you sometimes just cannot find a game. And on top of that most if not all trophies were bugged so I had to do Clean Exit 5 or 6 times before it registered and also way more than 25 Extractions (around 34 or 35) until the trophy popped. The other trophies aren't hard, they're just time consuming like T1 rank with a weapon. Most trophies, apart from the Hazard Zone ones and the T1 ones can be done in private Portal matches against bots. Also don't forget: If you bought the digital PS5 version, you also have access to the PS4 version and you can almost auto-pop a second Platinum after you got the Platinum in the PS5 version (and the other way round, if you started with the PS4 version). A lot of trophies will just start popping the moment you join a game. You simply have to do one additional progress towards each corresponding trophy. For example 20 headshots in one round -> do one additional headshot and you'll get the trophy. The only one you really have to do once more is Clean Exit (Extract without anyone dying) which can be frustrating with randoms, but with a group of friends it's not that bad if you just stay hidden for most of the round and don't pick up any data drives. So you basically get two Platinums for the price of one PS: At the time of writing this, trophies on PS5 are bugged but not on PS4. So if you're just in it for the double Platinum, it might be worth starting with the PS4 version and later just "auto-pop" the trophies on PS5.
  3. Got the Platinum after around 16 hrs (in-game counter). I didn't use any guides, I just played along. Rushing through with a guide it might be down to 12 or even 10 hrs. But I'd actually encourage you to play without a guide and just enjoy the ride. Difficulty-wise there's nothing difficult at all. There's a few boss fights here and there and there was one puzzle that made me scratch my head for a while (the "Arteri blocks") but overall it's very easy. It's more about the story, the exploration, the weird and charming characters and the blend of genres which makes it stand out. Might not be for everyone but I really enjoyed my time with it. ceno
  4. True. I checked and I just happened to have had Lock Picking Level 3 unlocked already at that point. Still Chapter Select might help because you don't have to start over from the very beginning but instead can skip ahead to Chapter 9, 10, or 11 instead of 1. ceno
  5. I noticed that after finishing the game (without guide) I was missing the trophy "No Hope". The guide also says it's the only missable one but after finishing the game and selecting "LOAD" from the main menu (instead of "CONTINUE" as I usually did), I saw all my autosaves but also one save for every chapter, titled "CHAPTER 1", "CHAPTER 2", etc. like a chapter select. So even after missing the trophy at first, I could just select "CHAPTER 11 - PASADENA", go to the corresponding door and get the trophy without the need to start all over from the beginning. ceno
  6. Hi everyone! I started making some trophy guide videos and thought I'd share them here with my fellow trophy hunters: CLOUD HUNTER / クラウドハンター MASTER OF WAR (formerly: WEAPON MEISTER) / ウェポン・マイスター IMMORTAL SOLDIER / イモータル・ソルジャー OLD SCHOOL DEFENDER / オールド・スタイル It's only these four so far but I'll be making more, at least for the not-so-obvious trophies. Hope they turn out to be helpful. Kind regards, ceno
  7. The game's not that hard but there are some tricky stages towards the end. Here's a complete Platinum Run showing all 24 stages: [ame] [/ame] Enjoy, ceno
  8. I made a short little review for the game because it's only 3,99 in Europe at the moment (which will give you both, the PS Vita and the PS4 version): [ame] [/ame] For that money it's well worth it I'd say, especially if you're looking for a quick and easy (double) Platinum ceno
  9. I bought the physical jp. COMPLETE EDITION a while ago and to my surprise it has English, French, Spanish and other languages. The game itself is pretty neat actually but most of the user created dungeons are in Japanese at the moment (because the PS4 version has only been released in Japan so far). Here's a short little unboxing video + quick overview what the game is about: [ame] [/ame] The trophies are all pretty easy although there's two rather time-consuming ones if you don't happen to have an auto-fire controller (clear 10.000 dungeons / earn 1.000.000 gold). Still worth a look if you're a fan of short but challenging puzzle dungeons. ceno
  10. Difficulty really depends on whether you're already super familiar with Doom (game has been out for 25+ years, so chances are you played before) or this is your first encounter with "Classic" Doom. The most difficulty trophy either way would be the co-op Nightmare-Run and I suspect a lot of players will try to do it solo (with player 2 just idling around). I've been playing Doom a lot in my time but Nightmare mode still posed a challenge. It was kinda fun, though and I enjoyed that challenge. What helped me a lot was studying speedruns online to find the quickest/best routes in each level so I won't get stuck or lost. That being said, it still took me many, many attempts until I beat certain levels. I still beat 'em eventually so it is definitely doable solo. I'd rate the difficulty a 8/10 (playing solo). Unlimited respawns and keeping picked up keys after death made Nightmare a little bit more forgiving. Difficulty might be lower if you have an actual second player help you out who's already familiar with the game. ceno
  11. Do you know what Remote Play is/how it works? (streaming the PS4 to another device like PS Vita, Laptop, iPhone, etc). SharePlay works pretty much the same way but you stream what's happening on your PS4 to a friend's PS4 while you are still playing on your own PS4. You can then either: Have your friend simply watch you playing "Hand over the controller" to your friend (for example when you can't finish a tough section of a game) Have him act as a second player, if the game has local multiplayer Doom (and Doom II) both have local multiplayer (vs. and co-op), so you can use SharePlay to basically add online-multiplayer. Beware though that the game will act as if you're both in front of the same PS4. So it'll still be split-screen. Plus the friend that's playing with you won't earn any trophies (only the player who's "hosting" will). Setting up SharePlay is super easy. Just open a Party, invite your friend and then select "SharePlay" from the Party options. ceno
  12. You should really put something in the server description that tells people this is a boosting server and they will get banned for joining. As of right now the server description just reads "Premium Maps & Modes" and whoever is admin at the moment just gets people banned just by joining. Happened to myself twice now when looking for DLC maps, unknowing that it's a boosting server. Boosting trophies is one thing; but you should make it clear to regular players who want to play those maps (as it's rare to find a DLC server these days). Maybe add a password to the server so people don't join by accident (when going through quickmatch for example). ceno
  13. Was pretty easy, nothing gave me any major headaches. Not even the Spy Drones. There's an upgrade which makes them show on your radar thingie. After i was done with the main story and all the camps, etc. I was still short of some spy drones so I just flew over the map for a little bit and re-checked some of the camps I took out before I got said update to find the final drones. That being said the trophy is still glitched I think. According to the in-game log I only destroyed 26 when the trophy popped, but according to the statistics menu I already destroyed 33. I did not start a new game, everything was done on the same save file. ceno
  14. Got the platinum after around 25hrs. Didn't use any guides and only one save state. The Mata Hari Manners trophy seems glitched as others have stated. According to the in-game log I only destroyed 26, but according to the statistics menu 33 when the trophy popped ceno
  15. A 2 at max. Plat'ed it twice, once on Vita and once on PS4. On the Vita I always distributed the level up points evenly, on PS4 I put everything into dexterity. In the end it hardly made a difference; I even thought that distributing evenly made it a tiny bit easier in later level but it might very well just be my imagination. I was faster on the PS4, though. ceno
  16. Yeah, like oWn4g3 said don't try it on Conquest. Play Breakthrough, the enemy team only holds a maximum of two objectives, sometimes even just a single one if your team already captured the other one. It's much more likely someone will jumps into an anti-air gun then when the enemy team is focused around those one or two objectives. ceno
  17. Thanks for this trophy guide, it was very helpful! I'm a very bad pilot, even though I love Battlefield and have been playing the series for years. So I had my fair share of struggle with the "DEATH FROM ABOVE" trophy, too. But I eventually managed to get it done and made a short Trophy Guide Video about it to share with others that might be struggling with it: [ame] [/ame] Some notable points are: Switching Pilot Button Settings to "Veteran" to give a bit more/better control Playing Breakthrough instead of Conquest because of the reduces Objectives "Baiting" enemy stationary Anti-Air guns into firing at your position Using L3 to look behind you when fired at (that probable helped me the most) I hope this helps my fellow aspiring bomber pilots http://www.cenocide.de/_img/smilies/goth_aww.gif @mikem192: Feel free to add this video to the Trophy Guide if you think it's useful http://www.cenocide.de/_img/smilies/goth_lieb.gif Kind regards and Good Luck, everyone! ceno
  18. Hey everyone. As for many players, this was the last trophy to unlock for me. Even though I've been playing Battlefield games for years, I was never a good pilot and in BF5 I'm even worse it seems http://www.cenocide.de/_img/smilies/goth_aww.gif But I eventually managed to get it done and I decided to make a little video guide to help other players that might be struggling: [ame] [/ame] The main things that helped me: Switching Pilot Button Settings to "Veteran" to give better control Playing Breakthrough instead of Conquest Baiting enemy AA guns to shoot at you, thus revealing their positions Using L3 to look behind you once an Anti-Air gun starts firing at you to confirm the location It's all explained a bit more in detail in the video. I hope it helps!! ceno
  19. I kinda, somehow, quietly hoped they'd add 1-2 trophies with each "Tides of War" update but seeing how the last one didn't have any trophies and there's no talk about adding some in the next update, I'd keep my hopes very, very low. ceno
  20. I just finished the game and although I thoroughly enjoyed it, the trophies seem to be glitched. Like, a lot. After finishing the game with more than 36 cards, the only two trophies I got along the way were the very first one for getting the broom ("A Tool") as well as the one for defeating the "Grotto Rogue" boss along the way. None other did pop, not the one for finding all health upgrades, not the one for finishing the game with 100%, nothing. Also it seems to be random which trophies glitch for you as some players over at PSN profiles mentioned others Trophies for them popping out not popping. So I have no idea what causes the glitched trophies and an update at this point seems unlikely :/ update: Immediately after I finished the game and was back at the main menu, I selected "Continue" and defeated the final boss again, but nothing. I then restarted the game completely, loaded up again and defeated the boss again and got the "100% Clear" trophy, but not the one for actually defeating the end boss. I have the faint feeling that the "glitchyness" has something to do with having your console in rest mode. I played pretty much the whole game in one go and only ever put the console in rest mode instead of closing the game and load it up again. Except once, and I think that's also why I got that one trophy for defeating the "Grotto Rogue" and now the one for finishing 100%. It's just a wild guess but it might explain why different people seem to have different trophies glitch on them. update #2: Contacted the developer via Twitter. They're aware of the issue and a Patch is apparently planned! http://www.cenocide.de/_img/smilies/goth_aww.gif ceno
  21. Hm.. Battlefield Tracker doesn't seem to be that accurate, either. I got the trophy for getting 100.000 score each yesterday, yet Battlefield tracker says I'm still below 100.000 for both, Assault and Medic. (The ingame stats are correct though after restarting the game). Anyway, just a heads up. ceno
  22. There are several planes to choose from when you spawn in as a plane. Not all of them have bombs but you also don't need to "unlock" them either. Just look at the deploy screen when you choose the "Plane" icon: In the bottom of the screen it shows which plane you selected. You can change this with L1/R2. You can see which ones have bombs (there are icons showing what each plane is equipped with) before spawning. Same applies to tanks, by the way. There are several to choose from. ceno
  23. I am in the third one and that's so far the only one that feels at least somewhat like being part of a big war effort. The first one was boring, bordering on annoying (couldn't stand the forced humor, felt very out of place in my opinion). The second one was slightly more entertaining, but only because of the setting - I kinda liked that. Apart from that it was pretty generic, too. I have hopes for the upcoming fourth one. I got the Battlefield V Art Book and it goes a bit into detail what the upcoming story will be about and it reads quite interesting. Just hope they'll deliver and it isn't another cookie-cutter run from here to there mission. I wasn't a big fan of BF1's War Stories but in retrospect those were actually not that bad compared to BF5's.. http://www.cenocide.de/_img/smilies/goth_confused.gif ceno
  24. Includes two new Trophies: IDDQD Defeat 6 Dooms in a single Tower of Doom event Millennial Reach Level 1000 If you're already at or past LV1000, the trophy will pop after the next level-up. As for the Tower of Doom trophy (nice DOOM reference, by the way), the corresponding new event will start tomorrow. Here's some more info on that: https://gemsofwar.com/4-1-patch-notes/ ceno
  25. Wow, LV500? I'm only at 190 and it's already super-duper hard. I wonder what stats the enemy teams show up with past LV200+ ceno
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