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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)!

  2. Not quite. While Mercedes is an excellent car pace-wise, it's terrible in following traffic. Red Bull is just capitalizing on that. Yes, Max has to sweat the car a bit but once Hamilton enters that 1-1.5s zone it's game over. Pretty weird cause at the start of the season, Hamilton was able to easily stay within 0.8s or so from Verstappen. All in all I share the opinion that title's now done unless Mercedes surprises us somehow in Mexico and Brazil which I find unlikely
  3. Martin Brundle said it best: "What a miserable day".
  4. Honestly I came into the thread expecting to see everyone having a balanced opinion on the incident since we've been watching races together for how many years now, so it's disappointing to see some messages. Leaving the incident itself aside I can't help but be disappointed in Horner and Marko for comically trying to steer the pot for so many days and in Verstappen, who did an 180 in his "Racing, if you can't deal with it stay home" attitude calling out Hamilton and the team and generally try to win crowd votes (his social media posts reflect that too). Hamilton has done a solid job remaining unfazed and it's what Max should've done too. In numerous close calls we hear drivers and pundits saying that "if x thing hadn't happened, this would have been huge" and guess what, they weren't lying. You can't expect Hamilton to take the apex perfectly on Lap 1 with cold tyres and a full tank of fuel when he's straight next to the wall. Max didn't leave enough space and Hamilton didn't lift off early enough. When professional drivers say that either it was a racing incident (mostly drivers with killer instinct like Alonso and Leclerc) or that Hamilton was at fault but it was unintentional (mostly less aggressive drivers like Button), then the conversation should've ended there. Imo Hamilton deserved a penalty and I called 10s when I watched the replays, mostly because he was still in the race and Max was not. Emanuele Pirro, who was the driver's representative in the steward's room has a reputation of being one of the most fair and level-headed people in this position unlike the Warwicks and the McNishes we've had. 2 weeks later the moaning continues cause people had enough of Hamilton winning. We've seen it together with Vettel and we know how it plays out. May the best driver win honestly but Max won't be getting the title with this mindset. He needs to understand that he's a championship contender and the favorite at the moment and he hasn't been driving like that. He can go and be as aggressive as he is or even retaliate, although by the change in his tone, I ain't too sure he'll be the same kamikaze driver he was before but we'll see. Also how many times now he and Horner has mentioned that the crash was a "fiftyone Geeeee crashhh"? Missed chance for drinking game. Off to hiding again.
  5. I wouldn't write Mercedes out 8 races into the season. For a car that hasn't had any development whatsoever, with the gremlins it had in pre-testing, they're doing pretty damn well. Sure they're not going to go crazy with the updates but as Allison mentioned they already have some ready to be applied in the upcoming races. Only 1/3 of the season done. Too early to discuss things like this.
  6. A bit too late for me now lol. These will be a proper predicting season with how the grid has been slightly reshuffled. Keep in mind that there's a high chance of raining on Sunday
  7. Many congratulations dude! Well deserved. Now if only there was a Hairstyle Of The Month award 😎
  8. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)!

  9. Merry christmas Psycho, enjoy

    1. PsychoDelusion


      Cheers bud, merry christmas to you too!

  10. Surreal change Psychodelusion.

    1. PsychoDelusion


      Surreal change indeed dude

  11. https://www.racefans.net/2020/10/24/ex-f1-driver-vitaly-petrovs-father-dies-in-russia/ This guy had a tough week
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