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  1. There are 12 missions. If you get game over you can press the options/start. Tyron at main menu and start from the last level you completed.
  2. Will send you an invite today. I am also looking for a partner for the Streets of Rage 2 multi-player and a Simpsons Arcade Expert difficulty partner. We can talk about those when we hit this one up. Anyone else feel free to add me and send messages as well. PSN: Dowellrl
  3. Not sure what it is, but when I visit from my iPhone 6, any page that isn't in the forums refreshes every 20-30 seconds. Seems like something ad-related, but I don't get redirected or anything. It just causes the page to refresh.
  4. PSN: Dowellrl Region: NA Time Zone: EST Looking to boost king of the hill wins and respect points. Looking to boost tower victories. Looking to boost 10 ranked wins in a row. Looking to boost 200 matches. Looking to boost a tower challenge (send me a challenge where you lose a few times and use no finishers). Hit me up with friend requests, messages, whatever. I usually play in the evening.
  5. DoctorRobert, I will help you this evening if you are available. Sending friend request now. PSN: dowellrl EST.
  6. I need "And They'll Tell Two Friends". NA PSN: Dowellrl
  7. PSN: Dowellrl Time Zone: EST Need: All Online Trophies US region.
  8. I had to do 5 strikes without dying (6x Devils Lair solo @ lvl20.) Then get a 25kill/death spread. Now I have to do the weekly heroic and I get a shotgun.
  9. That doesn't stop me from doing it, though. Old habits are hard to break.
  10. This trophy is also giving me trouble. Every time I see the Triple Down medal I hold my breath waiting for the trophy to pop...
  11. I just finished his and the platinum last weekend. By FAR, the fastest gold method is killing ubers using the infernal machines. If you or a friend have a stash of them, (or you dupe), just start a game @ The Butcher, grab 3 stacks of NV and kill all 3 sets. Each set drops about 35k on M1. I made 600k/hour using this method.
  12. I gave the game a 4. This rating could have been a 3, but for players who try to jump straight at the hardcore leveling after they unlock that mode, it can be very tempting to rush into a bad situation and lose your character. For that, I gave the game a 3.
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