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  1. not the whole level. you'll go back to the main menu then load up your latest checkpoint
  2. this is 1999 mode, idiot. I got scavenger hunt and auld lang syne to prove it.
  3. to do that you need the gear, this method anyone can do.
  4. Okay hey! I made this video a few minutes ago and its to help all those having trouble with the 3rd Siren battle (the one outside of the Comstock house) its a super easy method that will take just a few practice runs Its not letting me embed for some stupid reason so heres the link: Read the description of the video because I am aware the video is hard to see.
  5. Hey mate! I live in Sakatoon and I phoned my EB games and asked them and they said that im going to recieve Zombies, Red Son and the arkham city pack! So yay! But take this with a grain of salt since I know this employees and he's messed up before (didn't give me my All-Stars pre-order codes and gave me a 50 dollar card instead of a 20)
  6. Thanks GFP that actually really helped i'll email IBP about coolers and see what they offer. JVA im not actually spending any money on this its going to be my graduation gift so yeah I want to get an expensive one that will last me a long time. And to the other guy (sorry i forgot the name and im the reply box) Im going for a two monitor set-up but if i deem it necessary inthe future (I probably wont but you never know) i'd like to havae the option to go 3 screen.
  7. Oh oops lol heres the real link... iBUYPOWER Computer :: Gamer Fire 700 The info is on the side bar to the right.
  8. Hey im not tech savvy but im looking at getting into PC gaming so im buying a pre-built one. Can anyone who TRULY knows PC gaming tell me how this would do like would I be able to max settings Crysis 3, Tomb Raider and other games that came out this year. \ Heres the link: http://www.ibuypower.com/Store/Gamer_Fire_700 The nifo is on the right bar. And if you know any other reliable company that delivers to Canada please send me some links
  9. So how many people do you need to boost? I only like boosting with 4 or less people because anything more then that turns into a clusterfuck of organization which im not good with. Thanks for any replies.
  10. Okay heres a definitive answer. If you import a plat save from one console to another and beat Time Corridor 3 on Hard you will unlock ALL the hat and diary page trophies, flying doctor, High IQ, Timey wimey, Puzzler and universal destruction averted. You will then have to beat majority of the game for the story related trophies. Hope this helps.
  11. I've actually thought about this quite abit and i've come to this decision. Because this is a new account and it has such a low plat count i'll keep playing my PS3 until I reach a minimum of 80 Plats. After reaching 80 I will then pick up a PS4 when either the PS3 is no longer able to check in to the network or the new PS4 model is released (im guessing PS4 Slim ) This will allow me to get cheap PS3 games and when I do finally get a PS4 i'll have a good backlog and know whats crap and whats not. This also alllows all the glitches to be worked out
  12. Hey Everyone add me for the only MP trophy in this game, its my last for %100 so yeah and obviously i'll help you with it to. PSN: VengefulCanadian
  13. Voted a 4. The trophies themselves aren't very difficult and with Maka's guide most of the levels are quite easy. Rosewood and the first part of Dexter Industries were really uneven (difficulty wise) with the rest of the levels but nothing to bad with a little luck. By the end of my first playthrough I had 51 challenges done, after getting all the intel I was up to 70, the last 30 took a little while but never felt like a grind. I recommend this game highly. Now onto the Hitman Collection!
  14. I got the SABU as my avi now! It took all of my not in-considerable paint skills.

  15. Hey! I totally forgot I added you from here! weird... lol anyways stay cool lol

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