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  1. This game game had so much potental and Square Soft dropped the ball in so many ways.
  2. I am looking to trade to get stuff for selling to get the 1% trophy. I do not have a smart phone so all must go before sept 30.
  3. Identity thieves are sad, sad people.
  4. PSN ID: czar2020 GMT: -5:00 Looking for help with onslaught completion and toasty.
  5. Playstation 4 Underware Blue jeans A black sweater
  6. Yup, doing good is good and good is good. I assume the next person has 100% at .detuned.
  7. Inncorrect, but a final fantasy or xcom yes. I think the contestant has the Jeopardy platinium.
  8. PSN ID: czar2020 GMT: -5:00 Status chanhe got them all.
  9. Banned for avatar that wears a uniform.
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