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  1. They had Kazutake Kodaka (Danganronpa's writer) as surprise guest. He said that Uchikoshi told him about ZE3 a lot and he knows the ending. It's pretty crazy and out of this world. And he's pretty sure that we'll be satisfied with it They also showed some art https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CJG4TRXUYAE85U2.jpg
  2. Vita and 3ds http://gematsu.com/2015/07/zero-escape-3-announced-ps-vita-3ds Yay! UPD: video of announcement
  3. 18 hours left... At 1 PM PDT aksys will stream "The Aksys Games Panel of Absolute <TBD>" on Twitch.
  4. Time for the most disappointing week of the season, as always... Punchline [spoiler=123123pl]It was worse than I was expecting (but my expectations were sky high). Inconsistencies were not covered and I really refuse to believe that all of them are just animators mistakes. So basically they showed first route, not the true one. Well, at least now I'm waiting for the game (along with ZE3 of course). Still it got a better ending than everything below. Oregairu [spoiler=123123o]That wasn't an ending, screw you Plastic Memories [spoiler=123123pm]They didn't have balls to get a better ending but at least they were not stupid enough to butcher it with an asspull... Or did they? Lets just pretend that last seconds didn't happen. Gunslinger Stratos [spoiler=123123gs]Actually that was pretty good, dunno why all he hate.
  5. Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. After reinstalling her OS she suddenly remembers everything 'cause the power of love. Or limit suddenly breaks 'cause the power of love. But latest ep made me realise how it could get a perfect ending [spoiler=p123]her diary = her memory
  6. Nah, they still could do an awful aspull. But if they will be able to avoid those two options and will do something unexpected and new - that would be great.
  7. 2 latest additions are 34.0419 and -118.2687 - coordinates of LA Convention Center (where Anime Expo will be). But other stuff is really random, it will be nice to have some explanations after the announcement...
  8. They do, but it's obviously isn't the first thing players are going to do. The only relevant change is this I've checked Steam version videos - indeed they changed the animations. In previous / PSN version tentacle's attack is slow - they move towards you, stop and start a massive swing that you must counterattack. After that patch - swing animation was basically removed so they attack right after moving towards you. I do agree that animation is a bit weird and it took me couple of minutes to adjust - but the same applies to every other boss fight. But this is an animation, which barely matters for a rhytmgame. All timing is still the same and that timing is perfect.
  9. Broken? Fix? It works perfectly fine - in fact the first guy in the world to get "Pure Perfection" got it on this track. [ame] [/ame]
  10. It's broken so just remove it (or replace it with static image).
  11. >worldwide results >120 people Useless. And there's topic for posting you favorites.
  12. For the past 2 months Aksys were teasering 4infinity.co and Uchikoshi was kinda involved. Counter started with 0303 and style is totally Zero Escape'ish. If there were no Infinity series (written by Uchikoshi and which has 3 parts) I would expect it to be ZE3... But since ? was confirmed to be BW, ZE3 might be 4th Inifinity game. Plus Uchikoshi gave a lot of hints, like this one. Anyway something so coming, it should be anounced on 3rd July - that's when that timer will say ZERO (or 0000). And till then we have Punchline.
  13. It took them few days to fix those bugs in the PC version, they knew about their existance (and how to fix them) since the release.
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