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    I game, therefore I am..
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    Saying "gaming" is rhetorical. Scuba, surfing, biking. & I love the company of animals.
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    Doc (yes, an actual Dr).

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    PS5 (several games & loving it!!)
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    Easy Fast-Plat's have ruined the value of a platinum. They should be 100% only. Just my opinion.

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  1. @Velvet Thank you SO MUCH for this thorough platinum guide. I just saw this in the store & love these psychological thriller horror games. I haven't started it yet & wasn't sure if I'd find a guide for this one. Thank you for your time putting this together, it's much appreciated. also @fluffy rabbid really appreciate your helpful input to the guide. BTW, love your banner, very cool!!
  2. I've been away for about as month or so & just started using a guide & saw the "Guide Navigation" & the "Show Roadmap" on/off option. I want to give a big thanks to the staff for these helpful new features, really a fantastic addition!! These with the 'Trophy Checkoff' just make these guides such a pleasure to use. Thank you to all the staff for all your continued efforts & hard work on this great site!!
  3. A LoZ chess set, too cool. & my gf was watching Queens Gambit & I thought it was a chick-flick, until I watched a bit & started getting into it. Definitely one of those better than you'd expect movies. @Slamma I cracked up reading this!! Though I hear you, I thought I knew chess until you see someone like that & realize they make my chess look like checkers lol.
  4. "Mandatory Chess" man did you had me laughing when I read that!! I really wish I could disagree though I'm pretty certain I'd be destroyed also. Some great comments in this post. I didn't expect to be cracking up reading posts about Chess. That's actually a really awesome idea!! I'd be into it.
  5. I really enjoyed reading your post, thank you. & you make a really good point about how many people have difficulty during the holidays for various reasons. I don't have children (except the four legged kind), in the past it's always so much more fun when our various family have brought their children.. though I can imagine what a difference it is seeing your own children get excited. I just love hearing how people get into the holidays, so thank you again for your post
  6. Really great topic. Like you I've played since I was a child with my dad though really wish I knew the strategies & techniques more in depth. I bought a PS4 chess game that is supposed to mimic different classic styles though it really doesn't tech or explain anything, so it's basically just something to play. Chess is a great way to 'exercise' critical thinking abilities. I just don't find many people anymore who like to or know how to play. Learning more about the strategies is definitely something I'd enjoy. Maybe I'll have a look to see if I can find a book that explains it well. Please post if you find some good info or programs.
  7. I am walking into 2021 with a smile, with renewed hope, & a positive attitude. I am leaving ALL the baggage & negativity of 2020 behind me. My one wish for 2021 is that people simply TRY to remember to not think only of themselves (each of us are not singularly more important than another). I have been around the entire world in my lifetime (US states where there is poverty or disaster, Mexico, Africa, Guam, Barrow Alaska, Costa Rica, etc.. to name just a few) volunteering my time helping people so I know it's not difficult to be kind to someone that's a mere footsteps away right in front of us. Keep it simple..a smile or a "hello" is usually enough to make someone else smile. Hate is costly, Kindness is free.. I want to wish everyone a wonderful, healthy, & happy New Year
  8. I really enjoyed reading your post. Very frustrating that a few selfish people can ruin such a fun & positive celebration that brings a smile to so many people coming to see the lights. I went out this year & drove to a few neighborhoods that went all out like you described & saw some Christmas lights & decorations that I had NEVER seen before. & (also like you said) I was told it was tame compared to previous years. I had never gone to neighborhoods like that in the past, man have I been missing out. I hope you still got to see some when you went out the other night. A wonderful New Year to you (2 pics from my drive, this was taken as a snapshot from video I took while driving so not the best quality)
  9. I generally won't comment in political discussions (which if you believe this discussion not to be political, please re-read many of the posts). I simply want to reiterate something Metdevil pointed out. Before I do I want to mention that I am an ICU intensivist, I have seen the progression of this disease first hand since day one. To Metdevils comment about people's main focus regarding the mortality of the disease. I see many citing "high survivability" to support their claim about covid hoax or conspiracy, or just that it really doesn't warrant the worldwide precautions being placed on the public. When you look at the number of deaths compared to the total number that contracted the disease, then yes it's not a 100% death rate, though statistical survivability rate changes by what group or category you are in (high or low risk, etc.) Though death is of course the major concern, the list of subsequent comorbidities as a result of contracting the disease is significantly concerning. (I say contracting the disease rather than the virus to distinguish symptomatic result of positive inoculation). The subsequent physiological issues include cardiomyopathy, cardioelectrical pathophysiology, pulmonary hypertension.. just to name a few, which all can lead to significant health issues requiring lifelong physician management, reduction in lifestyle & ability to perform normal/routine activities of daily living, sudden emergent episodes requiring immediate hospitalization, & a significant reduction in years of life. I am glad Metdevil pointed this out & I just wanted to reiterate the seriousness of this virus which goes far beyond the risk of death. Especially for the people who have become complacent with universal precautions & feel the survivability ratio is on their side. (I wish I could post pictures of what a typical covid patient looks like in the ICU just to show how bad it can get for those willing to gamble against precaution) I usually only like to get this serious at work, & I'm off.. so back to decompressing with gaming, my animals, the ocean, or sleep. A safe & wonderful Chrstmass to you all.
  10. I wish I could quote every single post here. I have spent time with every type of animal above & below water at some point in my life & I can't imagine not being around them. I learn from them & they enrich my life, & the pictures throughout this post tells me I'm not alone. A fantastic Christmas to everyone here & to our furry family members who allow us to live with them.
  11. I love the holidays. I personally celebrate Christmas though I equally love seeing any & all holiday decorations. To me it's not what you celebrate, rather that you celebrate. Where I used to live there was a HUGE Menorah that was always lit up during the holidays & I looked forward to seeing it every year. Seeing people happily celebrate their various holidays reminds me that our differences don't need to separate us. As for my favorite decorations to see when 'out & about'. I will always love seeing lighting decorations around a house & a tree shining through a window, showing that people are getting into the spirit of celebration. Though every time I see a car with antlers & a Rudolf Red Nose it still cracks me up!!
  12. This is a detailed step by step guide for all trophies to Platinum. It is a very streamlined linear progression from start to Platinum in the shortest possible time. This guide is 3hrs 10min from start to finish with the shortest route to get the platinum (plus some grind time on your own after for the collectable coins). This is a gem of a game & I had as much if not more fun than a Souls game playing this. Hope this helps, enjoy.
  13. Makes me think of the show Psych, very Pinappley. Great show & great avatar 😆. Thank you for the info to include RoutineX in my thanks. Though you definitely deserve it also, I see how much time you devote to improving this site. It's definitely appreciated.
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