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    Everyone has his/her highlight.
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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Agree. The trophies designer pissed me off successfully
  3. i am playing this on ps3. one thing good is it wont take any time to reload a level, which make retring smooth. i really hate loading when i restart a level
  4. i totally agree. mgs focuses too much on movie style expression. it feels like h.kojima want making movie not game. i actually get tired of this complicate story. i like story that tells a lot, like might&magic elderscroll. but if too complicate, give me a break
  5. at some point, i agree. i plat mgs2 3 pw and is platting 4. i never played these mgs titles again once i plat them.
  6. PSN: TrophyAll100 I am always available if you see me online.
  7. thx 4 the infomation, will check out these threads.
  8. One Buy 100% - Means you will need only one payment to get 100% trophies. For example, You cannot pay only 1 time to get all tropies for BIOSHOCK 2, and you will need to pay for all DLC for 100%. You cannot get One Buy 100% for KILLZONE3, but you can get it by purchasing KILLZONE Trilogy. If I recall right, all games in my trophy list are One Buy 100% except Brink. Why ask this is because games in my coutry are costly, and I have to figure out a cheapest way to be a completionist.
  9. Indeed, i am forced 2 be a gamer for many sucky titles.
  10. If you really care about 1080P, then go for PS4, otherwise buy PS3. IMO, I will keep playing PS3 until I find no PS3 game is suitable for me.
  11. I can suffer 100 hours grind for a trophy, but if longer than that, I would be really angry. Some times the developer thought their game is fun enough for playing over 1000 hours, but actually it is not. I found that many games developed by Japan company have this case.
  12. Any company/team that developed a game with glitched or unattainable trophies will be added to my black list. I am also wondering if there is any thread summarizing such a list of sucky company/team.
  13. count me in. wanna get trophies and also experience the coop before server shut this month myid: TrophyAll100
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