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  1. And yet I still haven't earned a single treasure since July...
  2. Haven't boosted this since August... can gladly say I finished Plunder legit yesterday after two months of failed boosting sessions. Onto 3TDM next... 26/50, and still need TTs, Taunts, Stealths, etc.
  3. Nevermind, just got it. Was in Neon, on a train track near the west coast.
  4. Fuck this game, where is the last shard? Got all the hard ones, can't find the last one.
  5. A 7, the blast shards take lots of time and are so goddamn annoying
  6. The thing was, this was on my first playthrough. I had intended to do a good playthrough on easy, when I got promoted to Hard. I thought it didn't work, so I changed it back to Easy. Beat Kessler yesterday, and midway through Neon on Hard today.
  7. I would like to join, but your time is insanely crappy. Last week's time was perfect.
  8. Right after the end of the mission "The Escape", the game promoted me to hard difficulty. Will I still get the trophy for a Hard playthrough?
  9. Alright guys, yesterday was a great boost! 14 NSP's, 26 Head Hunters, 8 Triple Threats and tons of other medals taken care of. Try again today same time?
  10. Voleman, you said you couldn't make it. You said that it was too late for you to start boosting. If we need more people, you could still join.
  11. Kpo it is 10 am Sunday Australia time. I got confused when someone said that it was 10 am Saturday. Regardless, it's 10 am Sunday Australia.
  12. Crap I hate these misunderstandings. Session is tomorrow, but due to a post above I had confused everything up. Because someone posted that Saturday Australian time was the session, I was confused and mixed everything up. Once again, to clarify: The boost is on 7 PM EST on Saturday. It is midnight GMT between Saturday and Sunday. Australians, it's on sunday morning. Hope that cleared up any confusions.
  13. Team 1. 1. greenlinkinmuse 2. Kpo (1) 3. Kpo (2) 4. ZloyPauk 5. Lazo87 Team 2: 6. corbintm (1) +mic 7. corbintm (2) 8. pauliolsen (1) 9. pauliosen (2) 10. ColoredXIII The revised roster; some people dropped out, some new people came in. Session starting in about three hours.
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