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  1. Hey everyone. I need to back out. Sorry! We will have the grandbaby this weekend so I won't make it. Yall have fun! The game is a blast.
  2. That show was so incredibly well done. Kate Winslet really was stunning.
  3. The Book of Boba Fett and The Clone Wars Only got time for Star Wars shows in my life lol
  4. PSN: tuffinz_ Mic: Yes Host: No Availability: Completely Open at this point, if that changes I'll update ASAP
  5. Yeah... was totally playing by my time. Got camping coming up next month so I wasn't gonna last long anyhow lol good luck everyone else!!!
  6. Awesome work everyone! Thanks to the EDs for putting on yet another fun event ❤️
  7. I'm not sure I'll have time for anymore gaming before the event ends. Ending on 26/10 games wagered and 41/20 URs wagered.
  8. Omg I'll do it for you if it'll make our numbers look better lol
  9. Nice lol I wish this game would come back in some capacity.
  10. I mean... maybe it unlocks after you beat it 5 times?
  11. I too am hoping to snag some stuff from the sale. My biggest issue now though is time lol
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