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  1. We miss you on Pst3, come back. Have a nice summer btw

  2. BABYDOLL!!!! Where did you disappear to?

  3. When you play Resident Evil with someone, a game you've spent HOURS on back in the days and you tell him exactly what to do, to get past the fight on Pro and he says 'No that's not how you do it, not working' then he finally looks it up only to find out my way is actually the EASY way to do it.... Motherfucker died 29 times.
  4. Said the guy who laughed like a goddamn seal playing Little Big Planet last night.
  5. English when I was around 12-13, now I'm trying to learn Italian. Arrivederci!
  6. Well, now I have this song stuck in my head. [ame] [/ame]
  7. We did not want them before the attack. They don't speak French nor English which means they'll all be on welfare. I read a few days ago that they will stop giving welfare to our lazy people so they can find jobs and have a 'better future' which is GOOD but just bullshit. They're only doing that so they can save millions for the refugees. They should start helping Canadians first instead of trying to save people who can't really be saved.
  8. Yeah but ISIS stated they WOULD put terrorists into the refugees, he should just wake the fuck up. 140 dead. Is it really worth it?
  9. And then Justin Trudeau wants to let 25,000 refugees in Canada. Why the fuck not, they will all be yelling Allah Akbar soon enough.
  10. Bullshit. Liars. People who don't pay attention because they're too busy playing kill confirmed on MW3. This fucking bipolar weather & 99% of my classmates.
  11. Anyone you like then more than others?

  12. I doubt it. She probably realized he was going to stop talking to her after a week. Hence why he never has a girl for very long. Edit250; OK my stupid phone won't let me edit correctly
  13. I don't really have any favorites haha.

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