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  1. Im getting pretty good at using Sayuri for this one, Im thinking I will play it through fully with her or Leviathan. Levi requires much more attention and frustration but in the end it totally worth the payoff and feeling! I cannot wait to finally hear that Ding of this trophy!
  2. Hi there, My Friend and I are playing through Hard Corps, We have been getting a lot better lately. He uses Sayuri and I use Harley (usually) on arcade mode and we have beat the game a couple of times. I just switched over to Leviathan because I dont get hit often and I wouldnt mind some grenades to toss at the Big Bosses every now and then! He has a Lot of moves I am not familiar with but seem very useful, His dodges and backflips seem very awesome when pulled off right and his slide works well to dodge those irritating green stray bullets as well as kick a few guys in the face. I just wanted to know if anyone has any tips to learning his moveset a little better, Im essentially just grinding with him with all perks turned off on rising so I can get everything down on each level. Doing so seems to have a very slow progress rate but I guess that is the perk of the character is the bragging rights!
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